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Military Deck Plate - Switchboard Runner


Military Deck Plate Switchboard Runner provides a high voltage solution for dry areas. Insulated runner that meets military specs Mil-DTL-15562G, Type 3 requirements. Slip-resistant runner


  • Tested for performance following sulfuric acid immersion, oxygen bomb aging and UV light exposure.
  • Textured surface for better slip-resistance.
  • Flame resistant. Certified to Mil Std- 1623
  • Abrasion resistant to AST D3884


High Voltage Applications, Dry Areas, Factories, Finishing/Assembly Stations,

Military Installations, Near Switchboards and other Electrical Equipment

Prop 65 WARNING: 65003

Additional Information

Sizes: 3' x 75'

Roll Sizes: No Customization, full rolls only.

Colors: GRAY

Pattern: Deck Plate

Thickness: 3/16"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Technical Data

  • Surface: Vinyl textured, meets Mil-DLT-155626, Type 3 requirements
  • Flammability: Meets Mil stcl-1623
  • Weight: 1.11 lbs per sq. ft.
  • Dielectric test voltage: 30,000 VAC
  • Proof tested over entire surface: 15,000 VAC
  • Recommended maximum use voltage: 3,000 VAC

Overall Thickness: 3/16”