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The Mat Finder

Be the Star of Trapping Dirt


Searching for the right entrance mat for you can be quite a task. If you're searching for a mat to improve indoor air quality and reduce the amount of dust and dirt in your building, then Dust-Star is the mat for you. Crown Matting Technologies' Dust-Star mat comprises a unique polypropylene microfiber that is positively charged. The positively charged fibers of the mat improve its ability to attract hair, lint, and dust, increasing the mat's ability to retain even more air pollutants. Dust-Star is the right choice for allergy sufferers, custodians worried about routine cleaning, high dust environments, or wet environments. This wiper mat not only retains dirt and dust but can retain approximately three times more liquid than standard wiper mats.dust star walnut

Dust Star is available in four colors: Charcoal, Marlin Blue, Red, and Walnut. Sizing is available in standard and roll sizes, with customization available, any sizes greater than 6' up to 11'9" are seamed. The mat is made with a ½" thickness, which should clear most interior doors.

The 3-Mat System

When choosing mats for your building, we highly suggest that you have a 3-mat system in place for the most effective matting system. This includes 15-18 feet of matting for any entryway. According to the ISSA 15 feet of matting will eliminate 80-90% of the dirt tracked in from the outdoors. We recognize this and recommend the 3-Mat system to achieve a more sophisticated approach to eliminating dirt at the front door. The 3-Mat system should be at least 15 feet in length and should contain the following mats respectively:

  1. Scraper Mat- Scrapes dirt and debris from shoes, should be placed outside a door or directly inside of the entrance doors.
  2. Scraper/wiper- Scrapes dirt and debris while also wiping fine dust particles and moisture from shoes. This mat is typically placed inside the door following a scraper.
  3. Wiper- Wipes shoes clean of what moisture or debris may be left. This mat is laid last and should always be placed indoors.

To learn more facts about the 3-mat system and the cost savings associated with this system, be sure to check out The Real Dirt infographic.

ThermoGrip Technology

Dust Star isn’t just your ordinary wiper it also is NFSI certified for “High-Traction”. This is due to Crown’s ThermoGrip technology. ThermoGrip is what our red-backed mats are manufactured with, this unique backing offers superior floor protection, as well as slip resistance. Due to the ThermoGrip Technology, this mat is 60% more tear-resistant and 200% more slip-resistant and made with BactiStop an antimicrobial agent that prevents the development of germs and mold underneath your entrance mat.

ThermoGrip’s bottom surface is the most sturdy vinyl-backed mat formulated with nitrile rubber to resist cracking in extreme temperatures. The Nitrile rubber gives the mat flexibility and strength to prevent the backing from becoming brittle in harsh climates, which may cause cracking or separation of the mat. The Vinyl offers sturdiness that allows it to be both rigid and flexible to prevent the edging from curling, which may occur in other floor mats.

Crown's unique ThermoGrip technology helps keep the mats flat and to the floor's surface, increasing the safety of entryways. ThermoGrip mats are designed to be the best entrance mat to uphold high volumes of foot traffic for commercial applications such as retail stores, hotels, airports, education, healthcare, and government industries.

Contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application. Or try the mat finder—our interactive tool that will assist you in the process to determine the best matting options to meet your requirements!


The Mat Finder

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