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Elevate Your Workspace Comfort with Crown's New Nirvana Mat

In today's fast-paced world, where productivity is paramount and comfort is key, finding the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics can be a challenge. Enter Crown's Nirvana Mat – a revolutionary solution that seamlessly blends form and functionality to create the ultimate workspace accessory. Read More ▸

Entrance Matting and Why the Different Types of Mats {Mat}ter

According to the ISSA, 15 feet of entrance matting can prevent 80- 90% of the dirt that is tracked in by foot traffic. Typically, this rule of thumb of 15 feet of matting is achieved through a 3-mat system of three 3’x 5’ mats. The main function of entrance mats is to remove the elements off shoes to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from being spread throughout your facility. Read More ▸

Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun —Where Durability Meets Comfort

Crown Matting Technologies Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun mat is a dry area anti-fatigue matting solution built with durability in mind. Our Wear-Bond product is an economical option to reduce fatigue in the workplace. The durable top surface, made of a dense PVC sponge is adhered to the Tuff-Spun bottom surface using our exclusive fusion technology that prevents separation between the top and bottom layers that occur when an adhesive is applied. This mat provides an anti-fatigue solution for industrial settings such as pick modules and packaging areas, as well as in commercial settings at pharmacies and cashier stations. Read More ▸

A Mat for a Door is Mat-A-Dor

Crown Matting Technologies Mat-A-Dor is one of our most durable heavy-traffic scraper mats. The mat is made up of an SBR Rubber that is naturally resistant to common acids, alkalis, and salt ––– reducing the degradation of the mat. The mat is so durable that it remains flexible even in cold temperatures or climates. Mat-A-Dor’s top surface is fingertips which form the scraping ability of the mat, in fact, it contains 50% more fingers than standard fingertip mats, increasing the efficiency of its scraping ability. Read More ▸

Protect Your Assets with the NEW Command Shield!

Crown Matting Technologies is excited to introduce our newest product the Command Shield! The Command Shield is a low-profile mat with a highly absorbent top surface, layered with a thin moisture barrier and an adhesive backing that allows the mat to be adhered to the floor’s surface, preventing shifting, or ruffling of the mat. The low-profile design allows easy use of carts, pallet jacks, and wheelchairs to easily roll right over without any difficulty or mat movement. Command Shield is ADA Compliant and NFSI-certified for high traction. Read More ▸

The Right Choice for the Hard Working, Workers-Delight Deck Plate

Workers-Delight Deck Plate is comfort like no other. This industrial dry area anti-fatigue option is both durable and comfortable. Made with our highly energized Zedlan foam combining softness and resilience for exceptional relief on muscles and joints. The diamond-patterned vinyl surface is durable and increases the productive life of the mat. Workers-Delight Deck plate mat comes in three colors, gray, black, and black/yellow. Custom fabrications are also available so you can design the mat to suit your workspace needs. Read More ▸

Be the King of Comfort

Be the king of comfort with our Comfort-King dry area anti-fatigue mat made with our patented Zedlan foam. Comfort-King and all Zedlan foam mats Crown offers are made with an anti-microbial agent to help prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Our Zedlan foam is three times more resilient than standard anti-fatigue mats providing premium anti-fatigue relief that relieves stress on knees, feet, ankle joints, and pressure points resulting from standing for long periods. This intelligent foam solution increases worker productivity and motivation while reducing the risk of injury. Read More ▸

Ten facts to educate your clients about mats

High-performance matting can play a powerful role in keeping facilities clean, healthy, and safer than most facility managers realize. Here at Crown Matting Technologies, it’s our job to educate our clients on all the benefits of floor matting solutions. Read More ▸

The Mat you can 'Rely-On'

Rely-On Olefin is the economical choice for a light traffic wiper matting solution. This mat is designed to retain up to a gallon of water per square foot and traps dust particles allowing fewer contaminants to enter the building. This matting solution is ideal for buildings that expect to see 250 or fewer people per day walking over the mats. Read More ▸