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What is a Slip-and-Fall Audit?

Building managers should work with distributors well-versed in the different types of matting systems to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. When working with a manager, one of the first steps distributors may take is to conduct a slip-and-fall audit. Read More ▸

Stand on. Stand strong with Zedlan™!

Stand on. Stand strong with Zedlan™! Fight work Fatigue with our Zedlan™ Comfort-King™ Mat Collection. Energize your workforce with Zedlan™ anti-fatigue foam. Backed with a purpose since 1999, Zedlan™ Comfort-King™ foam mats provides three times more bounce with premium ergonomic support in every step. Read More ▸

Matting by the Numbers

Many cleaning contractors and facility managers are unaware of the fact that there are lots of numbers associated with building entry mats. For instance, here’s one: 500. Read More ▸

How to Reduce Your Facility Cleaning Costs:

SHORT ANSWER: IT’S EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Did you ever wonder how so much dirt and grime enter your facility? The windows can’t be opened, doors are kept closed, the HVAC system is working properly, etc. In fact, why do people even have paper weights on their desks anymore? If you are responsible for the cleanliness – and costs – of keeping your facility as clean as possible you need to address the root cause. Read More ▸