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What is your Minimum/Small order charge?

Crown does not have a minimum or small order charge.

Do you have a broken case charge?

The majority of our mats are packaged one per carton.  Any case items we sell - Walk N Clean Replacement Pads, Safety Step Bulk*, Safewalk Bulk*, Safety Step Bulk*, Exgro Extreme Solid Top and Grit Top, Dura Step II * with and without Grit Bulk can not be broken.    * items we offer individually packaged in addition to bulk pack.

Does your company offer Prepaid Freight?

Our published pricing is FOB Fremont, OH. We can provide freight quotes at your request. Contact your Crown Sales Representative about our Diamond Program for more details on delivered pricing programs.

Do you have current Catalogs?

We offer a variety of catalogs and marketing literature. Please check our website www.crownmats.com then click our resource center. Crown Customer Service can assist too.