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Your Manufacturing Source for Agility and Flyball Matting

dog comfort king 1 wip-optimized
dog comfort king 2-optimized


• Available in two slip resistant surfaces pebble and rib
• Easy to install and cut to size
• Available in two colors: Black and Gray

Tuff-Spun Classic
The ideal for tournaments and training facilities offering comfort and slip resistance at an economical cost.

Offering comfort and slip-resistance at an economical cost, Crown’s Tuff-Spun Classic is great for indoor use in obedience training and dog sports. Available in two slip-resistant surfaces, pebbled and ribbed, Tuff-Spun helps reduce stress to paws, hips, and knee joints. To learn more about Tuff-Spun Classic mats, download our full Tuff-Spun Classic for Dogs datasheet.


Use indoors for training facilities with medium traffic:

• Obedience Training & Doggy Day Care Facilities
• Veterinarian Offices
• Animal Hospitals

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Tuff-Spun Flyball-product


• Provides positive footing
• Available only in slip resistant rib surface
• Offers comfortable surface for canine and handler

Tuff-Spun Flyball-feature
Tuff-Spun Flyball
The only dog sport matting product designed for Flyball. Mat edges are 30% stronger to better withstand frequent taping.

Tuff-Spun Flyball is the only dog sport matting product designed for Flyball. Sold in 70 ft lengths the mats have 30% more material on the mat edge to better withstand frequent taping of mats associated with Flyball tournaments. Tuff-Spun Flyball provides the same comfort and slip resistance as our Tuff-Spun Classic and helps to reduce stress to paws, hips and knee joints for dogs and handlers alike. Available in 3ft. width with a rib top surface.


• Indoor or outdoors for flyable tournaments where mats are taped

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dogs club comfort king@2x


• Excellent puncture resistant
• Zedlan sponge combines softness and durability
• Available in two thicknesses

Comfort-King Agility-feature
Comfort-King Agility
The ideal dog sport matting solution for trainers seeking durability with safe and cushioned landings!

The only patented agility matting. Comfort-King provides extra bounce that reduces stress on dog’s joints and offers superior slip resistance which provides excellent traction. Crown Matting significantly reduces and usually eliminates pad burns, and the greater softness reduces impact on dog’s forelegs, shoulders and back. The dog is not the only being on the mat- let handlers enjoy maximum comfort with reduced stress on legs and backs.


Use indoors for training facilities with medium traffic e.g. :
• Agility Training and Competition
• Obedience Training
• Doggy Daycare Facilities

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Crown_450_Comfort King__Anti_microb_Gray_mat-1


  • Highly energized zedlan sponge combines softness and resilience and durability for exceptional relief
  • Wear, slip and chemical resistant
  • Inhibits growth of harmful microorganisms
  • Stimulates muscles and blood flow to reduce fatigue
  • Natural static dissipation
  • Three times the bounce of traditional sponge mats
Comfort-King Anti-Microbial-feature
Comfort-King Anti-Microbial
The ideal dog sport matting solution for trainers seeking durability with safe and cushioned landings!

Comfort King anti-microbial anti-fatigue mats are designed for veterinarian, veterinarian attendants and pet groomers. Our Comfort King Anti-Microbial anti-fatigue mats help protect those who work in a standing position by providing a balance of “softness” and “support”. With Comfort King Anti Microbial mats, you’ll work more comfortably and with greater efficiency as the patented Zedlan foam sponge absorbs shock and reduces impact on your feet, knees, hips and back. Each Comfort-King Anti-microbial anti-fatigue mat is produced with an anti-microbial agent, which inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the mat surface and is tested to work under extreme conditions.


  • Veterinarian
  • Veterinarian Attendants
  • Pet Groomers
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