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Cross Reference Tool Helps Distributors Cut Through the Noise

With all the information available on the Internet, you'd think it would be easy for building owners and facility managers as well as distributors to select just about anything they need for their facilities and rest assured, they will get positive results. However, that does not appear to be the case.

cross reference tool 1The Public Relations Institute of America conducted a survey that found much of this Internet information is perceived as "noise." Yet, purchasing decisions are often made based on this noise, and as might be expected, with unhappy results.

Complicating matters, what is called sponsored content in trade publications, is now very common. While some publications make sure the reader knows the item they are reading is "sponsored content" or a paid "advertisement," in all too many cases, those words are printed so discreetly that, according to the Institute, "participants view the articles as 'sneaky,' 'tricky,' and 'disingenuous.'"

We should add, this confusion comes up in all types of business purchasing decisions, from selecting copiers to purchasing floor mats. And when it comes to floor mats, many building owners and managers do not realize there are many companies marketing floor mats. Some manufacturer them, others just market them under their own business names. Further, there are scores of mats made for a variety of purposes, all of which adds to the confusion.

For these reasons, Crown Matting Technologies is helping our distributors and reps cut through all the noise when working with their customers. The company has recently introduced a "Competitor Cross Reference Tool."

Cross Reference tool

The tool allows distributors and reps to search by floor mat manufacturer and explore the many types of floor mats available. They can then compare those products to the benefits of comparable mats manufactured by Crown Matting Technologies and share this information with their customers.

The Competitor Cross Reference Tool provides much more information about mats and the comparable Crown mats, allowing purchasers to cut through the noise and the sneaky sponsored content. This way, they can make more thoughtful purchasing decisions and cut through the noise.

Of course, you might ask, why should I trust Crown Matting? The following points should help address this question:

1. Crown is one of the oldest - if not the oldest - manufacturer of floor mats in the United States, having been in business for over 75 years.

2. The company is famous for its patented Zedlan® foam, used to manufacture what are still considered some of the most effective anti-fatigue matting systems available in the industry.

3. There are few here-today-gone-tomorrow staff members at Crown. The average employee has more than 18 years on the job or in the matting industry. In other words, these people know mats.

4. Several years ago, the company introduced the Total Confidence Warranty, which boldly says, "We Stand Behind Our Products." This is still one of the longest and most complete warranties in the matting industry.

The Crown Matting Technologies blog is where cleaning professionals and building managers find expert, practical advice on the many features and benefits of high-quality, purchased floor mats and how they can help keep your facility cleaner, safer, healthier, and looking its best. For more information, contact us at 800-MAT-LINE (628-5463).

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