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Entrance Matting and Why the Different Types of Mats {Mat}ter

According to the ISSA, 15 feet of entrance matting can prevent 80- 90% of the dirt that is tracked in by foot traffic. Typically, this rule of thumb of 15 feet of matting is achieved through a 3-mat system of three 3’x 5’ mats. The main function of entrance mats is to remove the elements off shoes to prevent dirt, dust, and moisture from being spread throughout your facility.

When determining the proper entrance matting for your application it is important that you understand the different matting zones. Matting zones can be split into three sections:

  1. Scraper Zone: The scraper zone is typically outside of the entrance or placed just inside the door. The function of the scraper mat is to scrape mud, dirt, and large particles from the bottom of the shoes—preventing debris from entering the building.
  2. Scraper / Wiper Zone: The scraper/wiper zone is placed inside the entrance following the scraper mat. The purpose of this type of mat is to not only scrape the debris that may have been left behind from the scraper mat but to also wipe away moisture and fine dust particles. A scraper/wiper mat is also a good solution when the entrance is too small for a multiple matting system—this is because it will perform both the scraping and the wiping function.
  3. Wiper Zone: The wiper zone is the final zone in the 3-mat system. The wiper mat’s function is to wipe away the fine dust particles and moisture from the show. The wiper captures the dirt by trapping it below the surface of the mat, stopping the spread of dust and moisture onto the floors. This mat has also been proven to enhance the air quality by capturing the dust particles rather than releasing them into the air.

The 3-Mat System


The 3-Mat system is a system of the matting zones placed in order to protect your floors, and visitors alike. With this system in place, your floors will be able to keep their shine and luster longer due to less debris and harmful chemicals that would make their way into your facility through foot traffic. The moisture that is captured by the appropriate matting system will reduce the slip and fall risks. The appropriate 3-mat system not only is a benefit for your floors but for the safety of those entering your building.

Many manufacturers and distributors of entrance mats will ensure you that if you have 15 feet of a matting solution you will be able to prevent 80-90% of dirt from entering your building. To demonstrate this claim we have tested the functionality of Crown Matting Technologies’ mats against the industries leading competitors.

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