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How High-Performance Mats Can Keep Luigi & Every Chef Healthy & Happy

Luigi has a problem. Luigi is the chef at a busy Italian restaurant in downtown Chicago. Each day he comes in about three in the afternoon and rarely leaves before 11 pm. He handles several issues and performs several tasks before cooking begins. But invariably, no matter what he is doing, he is standing.

· Standing to answer the phone.

· Standing to carry in food items.

· Standing to give instructions to restaurant staff.

kitchen chefAnd of course, he is standing for several hours at the stove and working the steam table.

All of this standing can cause a variety of health problems. Over the years, Luigi has complained of having a bad back, his knees and ankles hurt, and his feet are always bothering him.

Further, we should add that pain and accidents are often interconnected. The more pain, stress, and fatigue Luigi and other kitchen workers feel while at work, the more likely they are to have an accident. Essentially, creating a double-edged sword.

One way to deal with this situation if for chefs like Luigi and other kitchen workers to wear special work shoes. These are designed to make standing a bit less physically stressful and safer. But these shoes can only do so much. Ultimately, it is the floor matting installed in restaurant kitchens and food service areas that are the key to reducing pain and promoting safety in restaurant kitchens.

Among the types of matting available, Crown Matting Technologies offers mats that Luigi and other chefs should consider:

Safewalk™ Mats. These mats, which have just been honored with the Distributor Choice Award from Sanitary Maintenance, a leading publication for the professional cleaning industry, are heavy-duty drainage mats. Very durable, made for the fast and heavy foot-traffic in a commercial kitchen, they also have anti-fatigue properties that help prevent aches and pains. We should also note, these mats are made of 40 percent recycled material, promoting sustainability to boot.

Safety-Step™ Perforated Mats. These are modular drainage mats that can be connected on two sides, so they can be adjusted as needed to fit almost any commercial kitchen work area. Also, very durable and made of recycled materials, these mats allow oil, moisture, and spill to fall below the mat, helping to keep the walking area clean and dry. The mats also have anti-fatigue properties, once again, helping to alleviate pain and stress.

Safe-Flow Plus™ Mats.  These mats are one of our classic mats.  Why, because they have been proven to be one of our most effective in commercial kitchen settings. Our Safe-Flow Plus™ mats are versatile and provide drainage - moisture flows down below the surface of the mat - along with oil and grease. What's more, they are resistant to water, oil, grease, animal fats, and chemicals.   They also have molded ramps to help increase worker safety in a busy commercial kitchen.

These three types of mats belong in all commercial kitchens. They will help keep Luigi and every chef healthier and happier. Bon appétit!

For more information, contact a Crown Matting Representative in your area by clicking here.