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Introducing Spaghetti Image

We are excited to introduce our newest product—the Spaghetti Image mat. Combining the traditional Spaghetti mat abilities of water absorption and scraper functionality with the eye-catching qualities of an image mat. This outdoor mat will bring life to your brand as well as protect your floors from the outside elements.


Spaghetti mats are a great option for dry and wet areas. The Spaghetti Image Mat is constructed with either backed or unbacked depending upon the application that the mat will function in.

The backed Spaghetti Image mat can be used in dry applications in office buildings, retail stores, banks, and other similar locations to protect existing flooring. The backing on the mat will capture the moisture dirt and debris. This makes it ideal for an environment where the mat will not be tasked with draining copious amounts of liquid.

While the unbacked Spaghetti mat with drain through capability is great for use in wet areas such as at and around pools, saunas, decks, entryways, locker rooms, and in other areas where water needs to pass through and dry quickly.


This mat is designed to scrape and trap dirt and water below the surface to prevent it from tracking into a facility or in the pool. The Spaghetti Image mat is an easy-to-clean option. When the mat becomes soiled simply spray it down with a hose. The non-absorbent PVC loop structure allows for a fast dry time, aiding in the mat's ability to resist mildew and fading. Which extends the longevity of the mat compared to other scraper mats.

Unique Customization

The Spaghetti Image mat is unique in its customization ability. The uniqueness of this mat is in its ability to have either squared or rounded sides or corners which allows the mat to be manufactured into different shapes to fit and conform to any specified area. The most common shape the mat is manufactured into is illustrated in the below graphic. The graphic contains round, half-moon, and elevator shapes, we have the ability for other custom shapes at request.

custom shapes

Not only is the customization limited to shape, but it also can be made with or without a one-inch reducer edging. Reducer edging is a great option for an indoor area to allow a smooth transition between matting and flooring, reducing trip hazards.

Logos and the mat can be colored from a choice of 20 colors. The logo is applied through an inlay process. This creates crisp lines and vibrant colors for a refreshing pop of color and great use of your logo for brand recognition in your facility or recreation area.

The spaghetti Image mat combines great-looking form with functionality. Its vinyl loop construction scrapes and traps dirt and water below the surface to prevent it from tracking into buildings or recreation areas.

Not sure if this is the right mat for you?

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