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Mats with a Message

One of the services Crown offers its customers is to design and then manufacture what are called image mats. These are typically found at the entrances of hotels, office buildings, restaurants, retail locations, schools and universities, inside and outside grocery stores, even industrial facilities.  Now, more than ever they are being used for social distancing. 

covid-19 flocked matThere are many reasons business owners and facility managers select image mats. Among them are the following:


  • Installing an image mat is one of the quickest, most effective ways to make a good first impression when visitors and staff enter a building.
  • An image mat can help with social distancing by providing exact placement of where to stand, keeping a safe distance of 6 ft., or by providing reminders to wash hands and or wear a mask.
  • Unlike a traditional mat, image mats offer a warmer welcome to visitors.
  • Crown's image mats are very customizable as to size, length, color, and can be tailored to virtually any design.
  • Image mats help brand a company; view them as an effective form of marketing.
  • Message mats are often selected to help direct people to specific areas in a building; this is especially true in large facilities.
  • For schools, image mats give students and staff a sense of pride in their school.
  • Similarly, building tenants often feel prouder of their workspace when visitors are greeted with a smart looking image mat.
  • Image mats give a facility a sense of identity.

So now that we know the many benefits of image mats, how do you go about getting them made?

Fortunately, Crown makes the process very simple. Working with one of our nationwide distributors or a company representative, follow these basic steps:

  • Select the size of the mat. Customize the dimensions or choose one of Crown's many standard size image mats.
  • Determine the type of mat needed. Some mats have anti-fatigue properties, so they can be installed where people stand for long periods. Others are more traditional entry mats, designed for medium to high-traffic areas.
  • Decide how many mats will be needed.
  • Choose from as many as 150 different colors.
  • Determine the mat’s orientation. Is this to be a portrait or landscape styled mat?
  • Formulate your message—what is to be written on the mat—and provide a computer image of your image. Also, determine the position of the message and image on the mat.
  • Make sure we have everything correct, exactly as you want it.

We should also add that image mats can be surprisingly cost-effective. Further, because these are purchased mats - not rental mats - they are durable, manufactured to much higher standards using far better materials, so expect them to last.

For more information on image and message mats, contact Crown Matting Technologies at 800-628-5463 or send us an email.


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