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ThermoGrip Eliminates Mat Curling and Provides Antimicrobial Solution

Slips, trips, and falls are some of the leading causes of what are called "unintentional injuries" among adults. Every 11 seconds, an adult is treated in an emergency room due to a slip and fall and every 19 minutes, and older person dies due to a fall.

Furthermore, when adults fall, no matter what the age, recovery can be prolonged, especially if the patient is of advanced age. This means someone’s life may be upended for several weeks if not months until recovery is complete.

To better understand the causes of these injuries, in 2013 researchers conducted a retrospective analysis that drew on data from 66 hospital emergency departments in the U.S. The researchers were particularly interested in what floor conditions may have contributed to these falls. The researchers reported the following findings:

• More women fall than men.

• The most frequent falls, whether in homes or commercial facilities, occur in transition areas—where a carpeted floor, for instance, meets a hard-surface floor; this is especially true if the carpeted floor is damp.

• A major cause of all falls was attributed to "loose, unsecured rugs and damaged carpets with curled edges." Although not cited in the study, mats with curled edges are another likely factor.

This last point is of crucial importance for building owners and managers. Most are well aware of the value and benefits of entry mats and other types of floor mats purchased from a supplier. They are designed to keep soil and moisture out of facilities, helping to keep the indoor environment cleaner and healthier.

However, a problem the matting industry has had to grapple with for some time is the fact that the edges of some mats do curl. This is especially true of rental mats, mainly because these mats are made of inferior quality materials. The edges, in particular, tend to wear out relatively quickly.

Fortunately, a new matting technology has been introduced to help prevent this curling and, what's more, ensure that floor mats remain secure to the floor surface wherever they are installed.  The mats are also made with an antimicrobial agent, preventing the development of germs and mold underneath the entrance mat.  This adds to the protection of the floor surface and is an essential part of the cleaning process.

The technology, referred to as ThermoGrip, is a vinyl backing affixed to the back of some floor mats. Made of very strong Nitrile rubber, this vinyl not only helps prevent edge curling—helping to prevent slip-and-fall accidents—but also gives the mat added strength so that it can withstand high volumes of foot traffic in busy locations such as malls, retail stores, hotels, and airports.


In tests conducted by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the ThermoGrip technology proved so successful in helping to promote safety that it was certified for "High Traction." This means that the mat’s high-traction backing far exceeds minimum requirements set by the NFSI.

The researchers in the study mentioned earlier concluded that falls are a significant public health problem. One suggestion they made for preventing these accidents from happening was to secure carpets and floor mats with adhesive tape. With this new matting technology, that is no longer necessary.

For more information on how mats can improve floor safety, contact a Crown Matting Technologies specialist. 

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