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Schools, Asthma, and the Benefits of Purchased Floor Mats

Here are some statistics that may raise a few eyebrows and, for parents, some real concerns:

• According to the Asthma Initiative of Michigan, more than six million children (8.4 percent) in the US were reported to have asthma.

• Among those with asthma, nearly 50 percent have had an asthma attack in the past 12 months.

• Some studies now reveal that asthma is the leading chronic illness.

• One in every ten school-aged children in the US misses one or more days of school as a result of the disease.

Depositphotos_154950376_xl-2015Absenteeism from school creates an unhealthy chain of events. Most school districts in the US are funded based on daily student attendance. The more often students are absent from school, the less money is given to the schools. How do school districts often cut back? They reduce funds in the areas of cleaning and maintenance.

We now know that effective cleaning using environmentally responsible cleaning solutions, tools, and equipment is one of the best ways to keep children in school and improve student performance. This means schools need more funds, not less, to reduce absenteeism, keep facilities clean, and maintain the health of children.

So, what can administrators do? When it comes to finances, many are stuck between a rock and a hard place. However, administrators do have options.

There are many causes of asthma, from diet to genetics. However, sources that can lead to an asthma attack include animal dander, dust mites, pesticides, molds, and scores of other contaminants on shoe bottoms. If these sources can be captured and trapped before they enter schools, such as through the use of purchased floor mats, we could stand a good chance of reducing the asthma statistics.

In fact, purchased floor mats are key to a school-based asthma management program.

However, school administrators are advised to be selective when procuring floor mats. Purchased floor mats are far more effective than rental mats at keeping contaminants from being transported into schools through walking.

In general, mats “provide passive cleaning or source capture, [and] the more matting, the better,” according to Allen Rathey, president of the Healthy Facilities Institute. “Mats remove particles [e.g.,] outdoor pesticides, allergens, and heavy metals) from shoes before dust can enter the building and become airborne.”

That’s not all! Over the long run, purchased mats are far less expensive than rental mats. This means high-performance floor mats may not only reduce absenteeism, but also help fill school coffers with much-needed funds.

It’s rare to see such a win-win situation for students, parents, and school administrators. But it looks like purchased floor mats can make it happen.

For more information on ways to keep schools and all facilities cleaner and healthier, contact a Crown Mats Specialist.

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