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The Best-In-Class Industrial Anti-fatigue Solution – Industrial Deck Plate

Number one in the industry, Industrial Deck Plate is a long-lasting ergonomic mat designed for industrial workstations. The anti-fatigue solution is suited for areas that are exposed to oil and chemicals. The Industrial Deck Plate mat is manufactured with our direct pour method and our exclusive fusion technology. This exclusive technology enables the vinyl deck plate surface to fuse with our industrial PVC foam backing, this manufacturing efficiency allows the bottom and top surface to fuse together and solidify for a firm and sturdy mat that will not separate.

Crown’s anti-fatigue foam formula is made with more raw material and with less air, than many of our competitors’ foams which are less dense with more air—allowing for similar thicknesses. Not only do alternative mats have a lower quality foam composition, but the top surface is typically glued to the foam bottom surface. This process makes a less reliable mat, and in many cases, the top surface will begin to separate from the foam backing early into the mat’s service life.

Crown’s Industrial deck plate mats are a more cost-effective option due to their ability to outlast competitors' mats, about 30% longer! The alternative option for this matting solution is less dense and glued resulting in separation to occur, causing the potential for trip and fall accidents. Additionally, the foam will lose its resilience sooner reducing the anti-fatigue relief, causing the need for replacement to occur more often.


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Industrial Deck Plate is unique in that it is customizable up to 12 feet wide and can be cut for installation to fit any work area. This includes installations around workstations that may make a “U”, “W”, or hexagon shape, without gaps or beveled edges that could cause trip hazards in a connecting point of an install.

The mat is manufactured in two thickness options, a standard thickness, and ultra-thickness. The standard is 9/16”, which is sufficient for single shift finishing stations or lower trafficked areas. The ultra-thickness is 7/8” providing 50% more resilience than the standard thickness. The ultra-thickness is best suited for multiple shifts workstations.

Sizing includes 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 3’x12’, and roll sizes of 2’x75’, 3’x75’, and 4’x75’. The Industrial Deck Plate is available in three colors Black, Black with Yellow borders, and Gray.


The anti-fatigue properties of the Industrial Deck Plate relieve stress on the knee, foot, and ankle pressure points due to long periods of standing in workstations. The use of an anti-fatigue mat in locations where standing for prolonged periods of time can help reduce worker fatigue, injury, and save your business money in the long run.

The Truth Hurts Infographic

Nearly 13% of work injuries are due to fatigue issues resulting in more than 130 billion dollars a year in productivity lost in the U.S. due to health-related fatigue costs. Amongst these shift workers are at the highest risk for fatigue-related injuries—about 15% of full-time employees in the U.S. work on shifts. Due to fatigue, a typical U.S. company with 1,000 employees can expect to lose $1 million each year. Not only is Industrial Deck Plate the best mat in the industry for quality and longevity but it will also increase your ROI due to reduced fatigue-related costs.

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