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The Cleaning Machine

Crown Matting Technologies’ Commercial Clean Machine is our heaviest-duty scraper mat designed for high-trafficked areas. The mat is manufactured with a unique surface designed for years of vigorous scraping capabilities—outperforming traditional scraper mats by four times.

Commerical Clean Machine

The mat is applicable in entryways suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. The height of the mat makes it an ideal solution for recessed wells. The skid-resistant backing can withstand extremely cold temperatures, while the polyethylene blades resist crushing, mildew and fading. The Commercial Clean Machine is available in four colors, black, charcoal, frosty gray, and sandy brown.

Commercial Clean Machine is ideal for heavily trafficked entrances such as universities, schools, airports, hospitals, military bases, and shopping malls. The mat can be customized with nosing and cut at up to 25 feet in length and up to 6 feet wide. Heavy-duty beveled nosing is recommended to prevent tripping as well as curling of the mat, keeping in mind that rolls do not come with beveled nosing. Including the heavy-duty nosing will allow the mat to comply with the ADA.

The Commercial Clean Machine is designed to be utilized in Zone 1 in our 3-Mat system. Paring this mat with a scraper/wiper mat such as the Oxford Elite for Zone 2 and the Dust Star wiper mat for Zone 3 combined for 15 feet of matting will eliminate 80-90% of dirt in your facility from foot traffic. See our Real Dirt Infographic for additional entrance matting statistics.

The REAL Dirt Infographic

Why Commercial Clean “Out-cleans” the others  

Commercial Clean Machine is 40% thicker, 20% denser and 15% heavier than other scraper mats in the industry. The extended tough blades scrape dirt more effectively than the typical abrasive fibers or rubber mats. Dirt is collected at the bottom of the mat where the deep pile stores dirt out of sight and away from the shoes to eliminate the spread of contaminants throughout the facility. Enhancing the air quality and the cleanliness of the facility. The mat will hold up to 3 pounds of dirt per square foot.

The Commercial Clean Machine is easily cleaned by shaking the mat outside to rid the loose dirt that has been collected beneath the surface, because the surface material is polypropylene the dirt will not cling to the mat when it is shaken. Additionally for heavier soiled mats hosing or power washing will efficiently clean the mat. The tough blades will resist any damage by high-powered power washers.

Commercial Clean Machine has proven its worthiness throughout the years and is still an excellent scraper option for any entryway.


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