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The Diamond Program

On May 1, 2021 Crown Matting Technologies released the Diamond program. This elective program offers exclusive benefits to the members. The program was created to eliminate the headaches of freight quotes and offer prices for products delivered.

Diamond member.

"We reached out and worked with some of our long-time market partners to understand what parts of the mat-selling process make things difficult. Every one of them responded that freight is always a concern. In an industry where many supplies are purchased by the skid quantity and freight expense is a more known and consistent figure, the freight expense for matting can be all over the board due to surcharges associated with product widths, weights, etc.,” Commented Josh Dusseau, General Manager of Crown Matting Technologies.

This process of providing the customer a landed cost will increase the response time to the end-users.

“The time and momentum lost in the selling process to explore freight charges for a particular opportunity can be very cumbersome and detrimental to moving the potential transaction forward. Crown’s Diamond Program eliminates the hassle of soliciting freight expenses and allows sales teams to quickly understand their full costs in selling a landed matting solution,” said Josh.

Rather than the customer contacting Crown to get the freight cost and having to wait for a response for their quote, the customer can go directly to the end-user with a price they do not have to fear the loss of margin on.

Deals can be closed on the spot without the risk of guessing at freight expenses. With the use of our new Mat Finder and Diamond Program, sales employees can answer four simple questions to find the recommended matting solution, look the item up in the Diamond Program, add in their margin, and close the deal,” Josh concluded.

While freight might be the most impactful benefit of the Diamond program the other advantages of joining the program include: No order minimums, premier access to new products, sales training and marketing support while remaining at a competitive price point.

“The marketing benefits with this program are very helpful to our customers. The members of this program can request marketing material branded to their company and catered to their specific needs. Without this program they would create their marketing material or utilize a non-branded supporting document,” Lindsay Smith, Marketing Manager, Crown Matting Technologies commented on the Diamond program.

Within the first month of its roll-out, Crown Matting Technologies have had tremendous feedback from their customers. The enthusiasm over the program and the benefits it has to offer has the Customer Service team at Crown excited about the streamlined process of the program.

“Diamonds have always created a buzz. And our new Diamond Program is no different. Customers who have elected this program are buzzing about all its benefits and enjoying the ease and accessibility of product pricing and information,” Commented Patty Lewis-Lee, Customer Service Manager, Crown Matting Technologies.

Contact your Crown Matting Technologies representative today about joining the Diamond Program.diamond