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The Toughness of Tuff-Spun

In 1963 Ludlow Composites Corp. (Crown Matting Technologies parent company) became the pioneer for vinyl-backed mats, when we patented the technology. Making way to one of our first anti-fatigue mats, Tuff-Spun.

Tuff-Spun sponge rubber mat has a documented first use of September 15th, 1962. The Tuff-Spun Mat was invented under the leadership of R.P. Johnson, the President of the Ludlow Composites Corp., at the time.

In the ’60s Tuff-Spun was originally marketed as “The solution to worker efficiency slowdown”. Today that is still true, Tuff-Spun’s anti-fatigue ability provides relief from stress on the knee, foot, and ankle pressure points.

This dry area anti-fatigue mat is comprised of a closed-cell PVC sponge that optimizes economical comfort and fatigue relief.

Our Tuff-Spun Mats offer three slip-resistant surface patterns, keeping slip and fall risks low, while also coming in different options for the application at hand including our industrial matting and dog agility matting.

tuff spun

Tuff-Spun Industrial

  • Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun
  • Tuff-Spun Foot Lover
Tuff-Spun for dog agility
  • Tuff-Spun Classic
  • Tuff-Spun Flyball

Slip Resistant Surface Options

  • Pebble    
  • Ribbed  
  • Diamond


Is Tuff-Spun an appropriate solution for your application?

Tuff-Spun is best suited for workstations that require employees to stand for prolonged periods of time. These job locations can include service counters, mailrooms, cashier stations, warehouse packaging stations, and assembly lines.

Tuff-Spun is an economical choice that will stick within most budgets. The mat's beveled edging helps to reduce tripping possibilities, while its anti-fatigue feature helps reduce strain on the lower body, ultimately helping reduce slip, trip, fall, and work-related overuse injuries.

Tuff-Spun is manufactured in our world headquarters facility in Fremont, Ohio.

Anti-Fatigue Statistics

When it comes to anti-fatigue matting the statistics show that providing your employees with something as simple as an anti-fatigue mat can affect not only productivity but profits too!

In the U.S. a typical company of 1,000 employees can expect to lose more than one million dollars each year to worker fatigue. Shift workers are at the highest risk for fatigue-related injuries, making up 15% of full-time employees, while nearly 13% of all work-related injuries are due to fatigue problems. Every year more than 130 billion dollars of productivity is lost to employers due to health-related fatigue costs.

The bottom line is that fatigue causes a detrimental decrease in performance capacity which leads to increases in injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

Crown’s Tuff Spun anti-fatigue mats are a solution to the fatigue problem in many industries and have the potential to save companies in productivity and profits.

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