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Building Managers Should Think Twice About “No Thought About It” Mats

Many building owners and facility managers decide to rent their floor mats because they don’t have to think much about it. In most cases, rental mats are selected based on appearance, and that’s about all.

Then, the rental service takes it from there. Every week or so, for what appears to be a low monthly fee, the old mats are picked up and cleaned mats are installed. This is called the “no thought about it” matting system. Its major benefit is that it is one less thing building owners/managers have to deal with.

Everything is hunky dory until someone pulls out a calculator and takes a closer look at that “low monthly fee.” While the figures may vary, whenever the costs to rent a mat are compared to the costs to purchase a mat, invariably purchasing a mat is the most cost-effective way to go.

For instance, Crown Matting Technologies conducted a cost comparison study that involves five, 3 x 5 entry mats used at building entries over a one- and five-year period. The results of the study are as follows:

• Cost to rent the five mats: $1,300.00

• Cost to purchase the five mats: $775.50

• Savings by purchasing the mats instead or renting them: $524.50

However, this is just the beginning. After five years, those five “no thought about it” mats cost more than $6,500 to rent. Because purchased mats are typically of much higher quality and designed to provide years of service, after five years, building owners and managers can save more than $5700 by purchasing mats instead of renting them.

There is yet another cost savings possible when purchasing mats. Purchased mats are far more effective at keeping facilities cleaner and healthier. They do this by catching soils before they enter the facility. Researchers at ISSA, the worldwide cleaning association, have concluded this is an intangible benefit that can save building owners/managers thousands of dollars annually on cleaning costs.

But wait, there’s more!

Along with the extra costs, tangible and intangible, “no thought about it” mats have some specific disadvantages. They are essentially throw-away mats designed to last a few months. As they are used, they become thinner and tend to wrinkle, flip, and curl at the ends.

One of the key purposes of installing an entry mat system is to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents. However, when a rental mat becomes thinner, wrinkles, and the corners curl, the mat can cause an accident, becoming a liability for building owners/managers.

Here’s what we suggest: Building owners and managers should do their due diligence by pulling out their calculators and running the numbers. End the “no thought about it" routine, and think twice about before selecting rental mats. More than likely, you will find purchasing mats is the far more economical way to go.

For more information the benefits of purchasing floor mats for all kinds of facilities, contact a Crown Matting Specialist.

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