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Why Install Mats? Five  Benefits of High-Performance Mats

Our distributors often report that some customers ask why they should install floor mats? Most of them do know, however, that floor mats can help keep facilities cleaner and healthier. There are several reasons to install high-quality floor mats.

Here are five to consider:

hospital entry way cropped-11. Safety. Slip and fall accidents are an ongoing concern in almost all types of commercial facilities. According to the National Safety Council, there are more than 25,000 slip and fall accidents daily in the US. Further, winter conditions such as snow, ice, and freezing temperatures can increase this number considerably.

2. Protection. There are two things designed to protect floors in most commercial facilities: the floor finish applied to the floor and the mats placed over the floors, especially at key building entries. View the finish as a thin plate of glass covering the top of the floor. Instead of heel marks, soils, and moisture penetrating the floor, the finish protects it. Similarly, mats help remove soils and moisture from shoe bottoms, assisting the floor finish do its job.

3. Productivity. If you are a frequent reader of our blogs, then you know we have written several times about how important anti-fatigue mats are in helping to improve worker productivity. Very simply, they help reduce pain for workers that must stand for long periods. With the pain gone, not only does worker productivity improve, but so does morale, teamwork, and product/service quality.

4. Branding. When an entry mat welcomes a visitor to "XXX Bank" or "3600 Lake Shore Drive," the stage is set to distinguish this bank and this address from any other.

5. Containment. Have you ever wondered why there are often floor mats in elevators? How about at the tops of escalators or stairs? These are heavily trafficked areas. Shoe bottoms can collect soil and moisture as people walk through facilities. By placing mats in these areas, contaminants are contained. They do not transfer from one area of a facility to another

However, there is one more thing we must add. To enjoy the many benefits of floor mats, building managers must select high-performance mats. These are much higher quality mats, and if they are from Crown, they will be covered by the Crown Total Confidence Lifetime Warranty.

To meet with a Crown Matting Specialist in your area, contact us here.


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