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Diamond-Deluxe with Grit-Safe


Diamond-Deluxe with Grit-Safe is the perfect solution to minimize slips and falls at slippery workstations and in corridors. This product will give you the best quality/price ratio.



  • The flow-through design leaves debris at the workstation and reduces the transfer of dirt throughout the facility
  • Offers a safe non-slip surface that reduces the risk of slips and falls
  • The durable open-loop design elevates worker and allows fluids to flow through, promoting a drier work surface
  • Especially formulated oil-resistant vinyl adds slip resistance with suffused grit
  • Can be customized to fit your design needs


Provides a solution for oily areas including - factories, garage, workstations, oil changing pit, steel mill, and outdoor entrance.


Total customization up to 40' in length. Please specify all sides of custom cuts that are to have edging.


Prop 65 WARNING: 65003







Additional Information

Sizes: 3' x 5'

Roll Sizes: 3' x 40', 4' x 40'

Colors: Black

Pattern: Diamond embossed

Thickness: 1/2"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Customization: Yes, up to 40' in length

Material: Extruded PVC

Technical Data

Material: Oil-resistant vinyl-loop with impregnated grit

Weight: .85 lbs per sq. ft.