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Flocked Mat


Moderate-to-low indoor-traffic areas to highlight your special logo or message. Flocked Imprints will be slightly raised due to the electrostatic charged nylon fiber that bonds to the mat carpet surface top adhesive.


  • Choose up to 4 imprint colors – Set-up fee required
  • 20 PMS imprint colors available – special colors upon request. Additional surcharge may apply, contact Customer Service.
  • Choose your Mat Surface: Rely-On – 100% Olefin mat - Preferred for light traffic areas
  • Eco-Step – 100% recycled surface - Popular for moderate traffic areas


For use in light duty areas including - small retail stores, insurance offices, medical offices and lobbies

Lead Time: 2-3 Weeks



Scraping Ability


Wiping Ability



Additional Information

Sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 4', 3' x 5', 4' x 6'

Roll Sizes: Not available

Colors: See catalog or online for mat and flock colors.

Warranty: Total Confidence

Fiber: Rely-On - Polypropylene, Eco-Step - P.E.T.

Logo Option: 1

Technical Data


Fiber:  Rely-On  Polypropylene Loop Pile -  Eco-Step 100% Recycled P.E.T. Polyester

Flock Material: Nylon 6.6 Polyamid

Glue: Floctite RCA-3

Pile weight: Rely-On 1.33oz/ft² - Eco-Step 1.56 oz/ft²

Overall Thickness: Rely-On ½" Eco-Step ¼"