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Jasper is an effective scraper mat that removes wet and dry soils at the door, up to 500 visitors per day.


  • For outdoor/indoor entrance and lobby with medium traffic
  • Cut pile mat made of strong nylon scraping fibers
  • Slim profile facilitates the opening of doors
  • 2 attractive colors that fits most decors
  • Easy to clean, only use a wet and dry vacuum and/or shake off
  • Because of its unique conception, this mat will keep its scrapping capabilities even on rough conditions for a long period of time.


For exterior areas with medium traffic including: Automotive dealerships, churches, small retail stores, restaurants and medical facilities.


Scraping Ability


Wiping Ability


Crush Resistance

Additional Information

Sizes: 2' x 3' , 3' x 4' , 3' x 5' , 3' x 10' , 4' x 6' , 4' x 8' , 4' x 10' , 6' x 10'

Roll Sizes: 3' x 60', 4' x 60', 6' x 60'

Colors: Gray, Black

Pattern: Cut-Pile

Thickness: 7/16"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Material: Nylon with ThermaFlex™ vinyl

Fiber: Customization up to 11'9" x 60' seamed

Pile Weight: 12 oz. per sq. yd.


Technical Data

Material: Cut-pile nylon fibers

Pile weight: 12 oz. per sq. yd.

Thickness: 7/16’’

Backing: ThermoFlex vinyl

Flammability: Passes D.O.C.-FF-1-70

Total weight: 0.56 lbs per sq. ft.