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Spaghetti Image Mat


Spaghetti Image Matting combines great-looking form with functionality. Its vinyl loop construction scrapes and traps dirt and water below the surface to prevent it from tracking into a facility. An ideal promotional mat solution for indoors and outdoors.

Download color chart - Choose from 20 vibrant colors for your design or logo


• PVC loop structure with vinyl backing
• Dries quickly and resists mildew and fading
• Available without backing to facilitate the flow of water
• Easy to clean
• Non-absorbent

spaghetti image


Top row: Turf Green, Grass Green, Lime Green, Black, Charcoal, Gray, Light Gray, Navy, Royal Blue, Marine Blue

Bottom Row: Purple, Pink, Brown, Crimson, Red, Orange, Sand, Yellow, Beige, White



Use un-backed #076 matting in areas that you want water to pass through and dry quickly.
Pools, decks, saunas, locker rooms, and entryways.
Use backed #075 matting to protect existing floors.
Office buildings, retail stores, banks.


Prop 65 WARNING: 65003

Additional Information

Sizes: 2’ x 3’ , 3’ x 4’ , 3’ x 5’ , 3’ x 10’ , 4’ x 6’ , 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10', 4’ x 12’ , 4’ x 16’ , 4’ x 20

Colors: 20 Available Colors - see Color Chart

Pattern: Vinyl coiled

Thickness: 7/16"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Customization: 4' widths; up to 8' widths w/one seam. Custom shapes; round, halfmoon, elevator.

Material: Vinyl

Logo Option: 1

Technical Data

Material: Vinyl coiled-web, air entangled

Graphic Method: Inlaid

Backing: Backed Mat, Vinyl  (PVC)

Weight: UN-backed- 118 oz. yd2    Backed - 130 oz. yd2

Thickness: 7/16"  in +/- 1/32"  12 mm +/-0.5 mm

Flammability: D.O.C. -FF-1-70