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Introducing Stat-Control by Crown: A High Performing Anti-Static Mat If you're looking for a reliable and effective way to protect your electronic components from
static damage, look no further than Crown's Stat-Control. This mat features a smooth, conductive surface with foam backing that's perfect for both office and industrial settings. In addition to its static dissipative properties, Stat-Control also offers excellent anti-fatigue relief when standing. Keep your data and electronic equipment safe with Stat-Control.


  • Resistivity of 10⁶ ohms per square
  • Beveled edges and smooth easy to clean vinyl surface
  • Stock mats include one ground cord, which can be connected to an electrical outlet. It is recommended to use one cord per 10 feet


Provides a medium duty solution for dry areas - computer work stations and terminals, cashier stations, and electronic stations.

See Grounding Cords

Prop 65 WARNING:65003

Additional Information

Sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 5', 3' x12'

Roll Sizes: 3' x 75'

Colors: Black

Thickness: 1/2"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Customization: Yes, 3'custom

Technical Data

Material Extruded vinyl with smooth surface

Surface: Static decay from 20K volts to harmless in 1/10 sec

Resistivity: 10⁶ ohms

Abrasion resistance:. 025 grams lost per ASTM D-4060

Backing: Electrical properties 10⁹ ohms ASTM D257-93