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Tuff-Spun Flyball

Tuff-Spun Flyball is the only dog sport matting product designed for Flyball. Sold in 70 ft lengths the mats have 30% more material on the mat edge to better withstand frequent taping of mats associated with Flyball tournaments. Tuff-Spun Flyball provides the same comfort and slip resistance as our Tuff-Spun Classic and helps to reduce stress to paws, hips and knee joints for dogs and handlers alike. Available in 3ft. width with a rib top surface. Black is a stock item, Gray is not a stock item. Orders for Gray Tuff-Spun Flyball are manufactured quarterly unless a minimum order of 10 rolls is placed. Customer Service to determine availability. 

Tuff-Spun Flyball is not a stock product and is made to order *. Please allow 3 weeks for production and delivery.

Custom cuts and lengths are available. Crown will produce these mats to a tolerance of +/- one inch of the customer-specified length or width. There is a 15% additional charge for custom cuts.


Additional Information

Roll Sizes: 3'x70'

Colors: Black, Gray

Pattern: Ribbed

Thickness: 3/8"

Warranty: Total Confidence