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Wear-Bond Comfort-King


Wear-Bond Comfort-King made with our patented Zedlan foam provides outstanding comfort, safety and durability. Wear bond deck top with Zedlan reduces fatigue for those working in a standing position by providing a balance of softness and support.



  • Highly energized Zedlan sponge combines softness, resilience and durability for exceptional relief
  • Exclusive fusion technology permanently bonds 2 surfaces without the use of glues or adhesives
  • 50% greater puncture resistance and five times the abrasion resistance than traditional sponge products

#560 - Diamond Embossed Colors: Black & Yellow, Black **Not available in gray

#562 - Pebble Surface Colors: Black & Yellow, Black and Gray


wearbond comfort king

COLORS  Black, Black & Yellow, Gray



Provides a medium duty solution for dry areas - work stations, pick modules, pharmacies and packing areas.







Additional Information

Sizes: 2'x3', 3'x5', 3'x12', 4'X6', 4'X12'

Roll Sizes: 2' x 75', 3' x 75', 4' x 75'

Colors: Black, Black & Yellow, Gray

Pattern: #560 Diamond Emboss, #562- Pebble Emboss

Thickness: 9/16"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Customization: Yes, in 2',3',4' widths

Material: Zedlan Foam

Technical Data

Product Material: High density PVC top with Zedlan foam base

Tabor Abrasion: ≤0.2 gram loss per ASTM D-4060

Resiliency: ≥32% per ASTM-D-2632

Product Weight: 8.25 lbs per sq. yd.

Compression: 25% @ 7 psi per ASTM D 1667

Flammability: DOC FF1-1-70 (Pill Test)