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Crown Matting Manufacturers Mats for Every Area of a Facility

One of the most impactful things to ever happen to the matting industry is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Several years ago, LEED recognized that mats keep facilities cleaner and healthier. Because of this, having high-quality mats installed at all building entries is now required for LEED certification.

APP_SHOT-TOC_SpreadLogo2However, does that mean any mat of any length will work? No. According to the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the length of the mat is key to their effectiveness. For instance AIA reports:

· Five feet of matting captures 33 percent of debris entering a facility

· Ten feet of matting captures 52 percent

· Twenty feet captures 86 percent

· Twenty-five feet captures 100 percent

Armed with this information, many facilities now exceed the LEED requirements and install 15 feet of matting or more. Having this length of matting also helps prevent slip and fall accidents, which are one of the leading causes of injuries and deaths in the United States.

However, while entry matting has proven its importance, we should know that it is certainly not the only type of matting available. Crown Matting Technologies now manufacturers mats for virtually every area of a facility to address specific cleanliness, safety, and health issues.

These mats include the following:

· Specialty Mats. These mats offer several ways to protect your floors from dirt and damage when regular matting won’t work. Crown offers a variety of specialty matting solutions for unique applications and environments for hygiene, critical cleaning, prevention of contamination, and or safety is needed.

· Flow-through mats. These mats, also known as drainage mats, are found in industrial locations, commercial kitchens, food service areas, and locker rooms. Flow-through mats typically have openings that allow spills, splashes, and other moisture to flow below the surface of the mat. This aids in keeping the surface dry, helping to prevent a slip and fall accident.

· Anti-fatigue mats, dry. Anti-fatigue mats in dry areas of a facility have received a considerable amount of attention over the years. That's because studies that have verified their value. Dry anti-fatigue mats are often made of Zedlan™, developed by Crown, and placed in dry areas where employees stand to work. They are designed to reduce musculoskeletal fatigue associated with standing. They do this is by helping increase blood flow to the lower limbs.

· Anti-fatigue mats, wet. These mats are installed in wet areas of a facility where a worker stands, providing drainage while helping to elevate the worker off the floor, creating a safer work environment.

· Anti-static mats. Anti-static mats have grown in popularity as more facilities have installed delicate electronic equipment. Static electricity can damage electronic equipment; anti-static mats help prevent the buildup of static electricity by removing static charge quickly. Many of these mats are made of foam, rubber, or vinyl and are used for industrial applications; however, these mats can also have a fabric cover so they fit in well in an office setting.

· Antimicrobial mats. As the name implies, these mats have antimicrobial properties to help reduce mold, mildew, fungi, and bacteria from being walked into a facility. In some cases, a mat may be both an antimicrobial mat as well as an anti-fatigue mat. This all depends on the need and where it is installed.

· Mats for oily areas. Similar to flow-through mats, these mats are specifically designed for industrial applications where exposure to grease, oils, and fluids is frequent. These mats are made of materials that resist a wide range of oils and fluids, providing superior traction to help prevent slips and falls.

The Crown Matting Technology blog is where cleaning professionals and building managers find expert, practical advice on the many features and benefits of high-quality, purchased floor mats and how they can help keep your facility cleaner, safer, healthier, and looking its best. For more information, contact us at 800-MAT-LINE (628-5463).

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