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Improving Safety and Increasing Productivity

Floor mats are an essential part of a facility safety program. When selected and installed correctly, matting solutions can help reduce maintenance costs, improve safety and increase employee comfort and productivity.

Properly fitting a building’s entrances with matting solutions will help eliminate potential slip, trip, and fall accidents. Entrance matting can eliminate the introduction of bacteria and viruses into your facility, which is particularly critical in today’s pandemic environment.


Suitably fitted matting will also decrease the damage to the floor finish increasing the longevity of the floor finish by 50% for the first 6 feet of the entranceway.

For the daily work of employees, we offer anti-fatigue matting systems which are proven to increase worker productivity while reducing the number of workers’ comp claims and absenteeism.

Crown’s patented Zedlan anti-fatigue mats provide three times more bounce than other premium ergonomic support. The foam diffuses the pressure caused by reduced blood flow to the lower legs, which can result in bone misalignment and joint degeneration. Muscle pain and tension can spread throughout the back, neck, and shoulders. Alleviating this stress will increase employee comfort and result in higher efficiency, concentration, and improved morale.

In a third-party study published by CleanLink Magazine, conducted by Compliance Magazine, an operation fitted with Crown anti-fatigue mats showed clear evidence over a 12-month period that installation of anti-fatigue mats resulted in an estimated 2.2% increase in productivity. 50% of this 2.2% productivity boost came from lower absenteeism, while the other 50% was linked to decreased downtime from injuries.

As more people come back to the physical workplace, employee safety, health, and efficiency are of the utmost importance to employers. Crown Matting Technologies is dedicated to supporting companies in achieving their safety and productivity goals.

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