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Stand on. Stand strong with Zedlan!

Stand on. Stand strong with Zedlan! Fight work Fatigue with our Zedlan Comfort-King Mat Collection.

Energize your workforce with Zedlan anti-fatigue foam. Backed with a purpose since 1999, Zedlan Comfort-King foam mats provides three times more bounce with premium ergonomic support in every step.

Zedlan Comfort-King foam relieves stress on muscles and pressure on joints for industry workers faced with the hard challenges of standing long hours on concrete floors. Our Zedlan Comfort-King mat collection provides more ergonomic support with three times more bounce than traditional foam-backed mats. 

Choose from a variety of our top surfaces for enhanced durability made with Zedlan Comfort-King foam. 

Click below for ergonomic mats made with Zedlan Comfort-King Collection:


Remember, Crown Matting Technologies offers customized matting sizes tailored to fit any environment. If you have a challenge you’ve been working hard to resolve, give us a call (800) MAT-LINE. We’re here to help! Click for a free sample or request a free mat survey with a matting specialist.

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