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Introducing - The Mat Finder

Find the perfect mat for every entrance application with the Mat Finder.

The Mat Finder

As a floor mat manufacturer, Crown knows the importance of finding the appropriate matting solution every time. The Mat Finder is an online tool that will assist you through the process of finding the appropriate matting solution for your entrance application. By answering four simple questions we can recommend the matting solution that will best fit you or your clients’ needs—considering the location of the mat, the intended purpose, the level of traffic, and your budget.

“We reached out and worked with some of our long-time market partners to understand what parts of the mat-selling process make things difficult. The time and momentum lost in the selling process to explore the appropriate matting options for a particular opportunity can be cumbersome and lead to selling as a commodity item rather than a matting solution that can really improve the ROI,” Commented Marketing Manager, Lindsay Smith.

“With a vast product array, we sensed creating a tool to help our customers was imperative to their success in selling the solution rather than a product,” Lindsay continued.

Rather than trying to make one or two matting products fit all applications, Crown’s diversity of quality matting options allows distributors to provide the appropriate solution for their clients’ specific needs. While the product diversity is a benefit to customers, the abundance of product lines was causing infobesity or information overload with customers.

“In a mature market channel that has offered the same solutions for decades, Crown takes pride in our track record of product innovations to provide unique and effectively designed matting solutions for a large variety of applications,” commented Josh Dusseau, General Manager.

“We combine this advantage with our extensive product knowledge, unmatched product quality, competitive pricing, and world-class customer service to provide our partners with everything necessary to further the relationships with their clients,” Josh added.

Crown’s Mat Finder eliminates the hassle of researching matting solutions and allows sales teams to quickly find the appropriate mat for the application at hand. Deals can be closed on the spot without the risk of guessing at the benefits of different matting types. 

Crown is determined to provide their customers with the utmost support throughout the entire sales process.

“Coupling the use of our Mat Finder and Diamond Program, sales employees can answer the necessary questions to easily recommend a matting solution that is available for the application, look the item up in the Diamond Program, add in their margin, and easily close the deal—cutting out the run around time of researching options,” said Angie Thompson, Territory Sales Manager.

The entrance matting is the first phase of the Mat Finder. The following phases are going to include ergonomic and food service matting solutions. Find your perfect matting solution with the Mat Finder.

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