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Oxford the Elite

The Oxford Elite mat is a heavy traffic scraper/wiper mat. This mat combines the scraping technology of our premium Jasper mat combined with the wiping abilities of the Oxford mat allowing the design to fit in our 3-mat system of Jasper, Oxford Elite, and Dust-Star, with its scraper/wiper design components.

The mat combines a mix of abrasive fibers and sturdy olefin fibers for a well-balanced wiping and scraping performance. The heavyweight surface hides dirt and keeps entrances clean, while the ThermoGrip backing offers floor protection and slip resistance, which awarded the mat for NFSI Certification for "High-Traction".

Thermo Grip-1

ThermoGrip Technology

ThermoGrip's bottom surface is the strongest vinyl-backed mat formulated with nitrile rubber to resist cracking in extreme temperatures. The Nitrile rubber gives the mat flexibility and strength to prevent the backing from becoming brittle in harsh climates, which may cause cracking or separation of the mat. The Vinyl gives the mat the sturdiness that allows it to be both rigid and flexible to prevent the edging from curling, which may occur in other floor mats.

Crown's unique ThermoGrip technology helps keep the mats flat and to the floor's surface, increasing the safety of entryways. ThermoGrip mats are designed to be the best entrance mat to uphold high volumes of foot traffic for commercial applications such as retail stores, hotels, airports, education, healthcare, and government industries.

3-Mat System:

Jasper, Oxford Elite, Dust-Star

3 mat oxford oxford el

1) Scraper (Jasper)

  • Scrapes heavy debris
  • Your first defense against mud, dirt, and snow
  • Choose matting with a non-absorbent scraping surface or open weave backing to allow moisture to drain naturally

2) Scraper/Wiper (Oxford Elite)

  • Cleans & absorbs moisture
  • The workhorse of the system
  • Designed to remove and contain soil, waste particles, and moisture at the entrance

3) Wiper (Dust-Star)

  • Absorbs moisture & dries
  • Removes remaining moisture, fine fragments, and dust from footwear upon entrance to the interior of the building

The Real Dirt

A 3-Mat system can make a drastic difference in the health of your building and the amount of money you spend to keep it clean. Feet alone track in 80% of the dirt found in a building, and it can take an estimated 600 dollars to remove a single pound of dirt. In 20 days alone, 1,000 people can track in 24lbs of dirt! The 3-mat system for entrance matting should cover 15-18 feet of the entryway, this will prevent 80-90% of dirt from coming into the facility. For every 1 dollar spent to keep soil out of a building, you will end up saving $10 in removing the soil once it’s inside. Learning these helpful facts may lead you to rethink your building entryways.

Contact us for more information on the best option for your business, or try our Mat Finder today.

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