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The Right Choice for the Hard Working, Workers-Delight Deck Plate

Workers-Delight Deck Plate is comfort like no other. This industrial dry area anti-fatigue option is both durable and comfortable. Made with our highly energized Zedlan foam combining softness and resilience for exceptional relief on muscles and joints. The diamond-patterned vinyl surface is durable and increases the productive life of the mat. Workers-Delight Deck plate mat comes in three colors, gray, black, and black/yellow. Custom fabrications are also available so you can design the mat to suit your workspace needs.


Workers-Delight Deck Plate offers many sizes including standard and roll sizes. Often in industrial locations, runner mats are installed in work areas and are required to have a bright yellow border. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes this compulsory, and it is designed to remind building users to take caution when walking through the facility. There may be physical hazards present that could cause someone to fall, stumble, or trip. It also reminds us that floor safety, especially in an industrial setting, does not have one solution. There is no 100 percent slip-resistant environment. This means industrial facility administrators must consider a variety of solutions to protect their workers. This would include slip-resistant shoes, industrial mats, safety training, and worker awareness. These all play a significant role in reducing hazards and preventing accidents.     



Purchasing a mat for the industrial setting can be quite an investment. Lucky for you Crown Matting Technologies has matting solutions that have a generous return on investment. The investment in an anti-fatigue matting solution allows savings in valuable time and money.

Injuries occur every day due to prolonged standing in workstations that lead to injury in the back and lower extremities due to fatigue. Another result of fatigue is missed days by employees who need more rest or need to recover from an injury, resulting in less productivity and loss of prophets due to call-offs and worker's comp claims. The quality of Crown matting products allows longer life of our mats compared to the competition. Crown's exclusive fusion technology allows us to have our deck plate surface fused to our Zedlan foam eliminating the need for an adhesive.

When an adhesive is used to apply a top surface to foam you risk having separation occur between the two layers, drastically shortening the life of the mat. As a result, using an adhesive increases the frequency of purchasing new mats. This can be avoided by buying quality matting solutions from Crown Matting that will give back a return on investment.

Zedlan Foam

Let’s talk about why Crown’s Zedlan Foam is the best choice for any anti-fatigue situation. Zedlan is a patented product exclusive to Crown Matting Technologies, first created in 1999 and still going strong. The blue foam offers three times more fatigue-fighting ability, helping to combat symptoms of fatigue due to prolonged periods of standing. Zedlan is also a smart choice due to its anti-microbial benefits, this anti-microbial benefit prevents the growth of molds, mildew, and bacteria growth. Zedlan anti-fatigue mats can be used in food prep areas, industrial settings, and commercial/JanSan workplaces. You can find Zedlan in eight of our dry area anti-fatigue mats.  We encourage all to stand strong with Zedlan.


The anti-fatigue properties of the Workers-Delight Deck Plate relieve stress on the knee, foot, and ankle pressure points due to long hours of standing in workstations. The use of an anti-fatigue mat in locations where standing for prolonged periods of time will help reduce worker fatigue and injury and save your business money in the long run. The Truth Hurts Infographic

Nearly 13% of work injuries are due to fatigue issues resulting in more than 130 billion dollars a year in productivity lost in the U.S. due to health-related fatigue costs. Amongst these, shift workers are at the highest risk for fatigue-related injuries—about 15% of full-time employees in the U.S. work on shifts. Due to fatigue, a typical U.S. company with 1,000 employees can expect to lose $1 million yearly. Not only is the Workers-Delight Deck plate a high-quality product, but its longevity will also increase your ROI due to reduced fatigue-related costs.


Contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application. Or try the mat finder—our interactive tool that will assist you in the process to determine the best matting options to meet your requirements!

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