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These Are the Hottest Floor Mats in Hotel Properties

Hotel properties are very diverse, with all types of rooms used for a variety of purposes. This also means they need floor mats that can address several different hotel needs.

Crown Matting Technologies, which is one of the oldest floor mat manufacturers in North America, currently manufacturers more than 35 different types of mats. Of these, the following are, what we call, the hottest hotel floor mats, because they are the most frequently purchased mats by hotel managers:

hotel entry

Logo or image mats. 

These are very popular and are typically installed at the main hotel entrance. They are designed to help "brand" a property as they welcome guests in the door. While it may first appear that logo mats are just for "show" they are very functional keeping wetness, dirt, and debris out of the hotel and protecting the floors.

Pool Mats.

Many hotels have indoor and outdoor pools. Extra steps must be taken to ensure guests do not slip or fall when entering or leaving the pool. Crown Matting offers matting such as Diamond-Deluxe™ Duet, which can help prevent accidents. These mats also help capture and trap debris, helping to keep pool areas clean while facilitating the flow of water.

Tred mats.

Tred mats such as Crown Tred, are designed to be installed outdoors. What makes them unique is that they are resistant to all types of weather, have a very low profile so that they do not interfere with doors opening or closing, and help remove larger soils, preventing them from entering the hotel.

"Green" mats.

The hospitality industry was one of the first industries to transfer to green cleaning products and methods. They are also now leaders in the sustainability movement. So it should come as no surprise they are significant purchasers of mats made from recycled materials. Crown's EcoPlus™ mat has proven its effectiveness and durability while, at the same time, helping to demonstrate the hotel property's commitment to being environmentally responsible.

The Crown Matting Technology blog is where cleaning professionals and building managers find expert, practical advice on the many features and benefits of high-quality, purchased floor mats and how they can help keep your facility cleaner, safer, healthier, and looking its best. For more information, contact us at 800-MAT-LINE (628-5463).

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