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Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun —Where Durability Meets Comfort

Crown Matting Technologies Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun mat is a dry area anti-fatigue matting solution built with durability in mind. Our Wear-Bond product is an economical option to reduce fatigue in the workplace. The durable top surface, made of a dense PVC sponge is adhered to the Tuff-Spun bottom surface using our exclusive fusion technology that prevents separation between the top and bottom layers that occur when an adhesive is applied. This mat provides an anti-fatigue solution for industrial settings such as pick modules and packaging areas, as well as in commercial settings at pharmacies and cashier stations.

History of Tuff-Spun


wearbond tuff spun

Tuff-Spun is Crown Matting Technologies' original anti-fatigue mat. Our tried-and-true Tuff-Spun, a sponge rubber mat, was invented in 1962 and was marketed as — “The solution to worker efficiency slowdown”. Today this is still true as it provides an anti-fatigue solution to workers that work for prolonged hours to get the relief they need from stress on the knee, foot, and ankle pressure points.

Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun is the same great product but with a top surface made with a denser PVC sponge. This denser product that is applied using our exclusive fusion technology creates a tough barrier that won’t wear down or break apart with increased foot traffic or cart traffic, that needs sturdier surfaces, without taking the anti-fatigue benefit away. Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun comes in two textures —pebble and diamond and is available in three colors —black, black/yellow, and gray.

Anti-Fatigue Statistics

Comfort in the workplace is crucial for employee retention and to help lessen call-offs and worker's compensation claims due to injury from standing for long periods. In fact, more than 130 billion dollars a year in productivity lost in the U.S. are due to health-related fatigue costs. A typical company, in the U.S., with 1,000 employees can expect to lose more than one million each year due to fatigue. Businesses with shift workers typically in a factory setting are at the highest risk for fatigue-related injuries making up about 15% of full-time employees in the U.S.

Why Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun?

You may be wondering what separates this product from others, well let’s clear the air for you. The Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun ergonomic mat is created here in Fremont, Ohio where we can proudly say the product is made in the U.S.A. We have an onsite Research and Development department that continually improves our formula and can identify any issues or needs for improvement in finished products. This also allows us to make a foam product at our customer's specifications as we can control densities and thicknesses best serving our customer’s needs.

The Wear-Bond top surface is also different from the hard vinyl top surfaces of other anti-fatigue mats, this top surface is tough and durable yet can move with the foot, whereas a hard vinyl top surface doesn’t share the same give that the Wear-Bond surface offers. To give a clearer picture of what this might look like imagine pressing your finger into a soft surface like an anti-fatigue mat you can imagine that the impression of your finger would be left behind. Now imagine doing that to a hard surface with a soft anti-fatigue backing under that top surface, you press your finger in just to have no visual response, no finger indent, that’s because the hard vinyl top surface is distributing that weight force to the entire top surface evenly forcing down the foam on the bottom surface. Therefore, the relief isn’t as fluid as it is in our Wear-Bond product. Although Wear-Bond is denser, its density does not deplete its full anti-fatigue properties.

Is Wear-Bond Tuff-Spun the right mat for you?

Contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application. Or try the mat finder—our interactive tool that will assist you in the process to determine the best matting options to meet your requirements!

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