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Chair Mat


Commercial-quality chair mats come in three types: General, Extra, Supreme. Available in standard or custom sizes, with or without studs.



  • This Commercial-quality mat allows desk chairs to move effortlessly
  • Available in different models for all types of carpet and flooring
  • Clear vinyl allows carpet design and color to show through

-General: Carpet and padded carpet

-Extra: For medium pile/padded carpet

-Supreme: For thick pile/padded carpet



  • Indoor
  • Office Areas
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Convention Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurant Offices
  • Malls, Shops & Stores
  • Residential





Additional Information

Sizes: 45" x 53" with lip size 12" x 25",- 46" x 60" with lip 12" x 25"

Colors: Clear

Thickness: 1/4"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Technical Data

Material: PVC

Colors: Clear

Thickness: 1/4"