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Disinfectant Boot Bath


Disinfectant Boot Bath is our hygienic boot sanitizer mat used wherever there is a concern for cross-contamination. With the disinfectant solution, boot bath helps prevent contamination of your workspace. Aggressive rubber fingertips scrape the bottom of boots reducing the risk of cross-contamination. 2" raised wall holds disinfectant to reduce splash.



  • SBR rubber made to withstand heavy-duty usage
  • Yellow raised edges for high visibility and increased safety
  • Contains 30% recycled materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used with any USDA accepted disinfectant sanitizer


Provides a disinfectant solution for any area - sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food industries, barns, and stables.


Prop 65 WARNING:65002

Additional Information

Sizes: 32" x 39"

Colors: Black & Yellow

Warranty: Total Confidence

Technical Data

Material: Rubber

Tensile strength: MPA 6,3

Abrasion: 219mm3

Tear Strength: 38,64 Nmm