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Disinfectant Boot Bath


Disinfectant Boot Bath is our hygienic boot sanitizer mat used wherever there is a concern for cross contamination. With disinfectant solution, boot bath helps prevent contamination of your workspace. Aggressive rubber fingertips scrape bottom of boots reducing the risk of cross contamination. 2" raised wall holds disinfectant to reduce splash.


  • SBR rubber made to withstand heavy duty usage
  • Yellow raised edges for high visibility and increased safety
  • Contains 30% recycled materials
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Can be used with any USDA accepted disinfectant sanitizer


Provides a light duty disinfectant solution for any area, e.g.:sterile environments, healthcare facilities, food industries, barns, and stables.

Prop 65 WARNING:65002

Additional Information

Sizes 32" x 39"

Colors Black & Yellow

Warranty 1 year

Technical Data

Material: Rubber

Tensile strength: MPA 6,3

Abrasion: 219mm3

Tear Strength: 38,64 Nmm