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Super-Soaker is our most reliable scraper/wiper mat for demanding environments. Superior design traps dirt in the grooves of the mat and extends the life of your flooring investment. Fibers designed to retain water and reduces hazardous floor conditions. This premium mat will hold pounds of dirt and continue to wipe moisture from shoes.



  • Non-skid nib backing will effectively grip the mat to the floor
  • Crush-proof waffle pattern will scrape shoes and hold dirt beneath shoe level while wiping moisture
  • Will scrape shoes and hold dirt beneath shoe level while wiping moisture




For interior areas with medium traffic - universities, airports, hospitals, large retail stores, shopping malls, and schools.


Prop 65 WARNING:65002


Scraping Ability


Wiping Ability



Additional Information

Sizes: 2' x 3', 3' x 4', 3' x 5', 3' x 10', 4' x 6', 4' x 8', 4' x 10', 6' x 10'

Colors: Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Dark Brown, Forest Green

Thickness: 3/8"

Warranty: Total Confidence

Customization: No

Material: Rubber Backing

Fiber: Polypropylene

Pile Weight: 24 oz. per sq. yd.

Technical Data

Fiber: Nylon

Pile weight: 24 oz. per sq. yd.

Backing: SBR Rubber

Tensile Strength: 18

Flammability: D.O.C. -FF-1-70