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3 Key Restaurant "Matting Zones" to Consider When Purchasing Mats

Slip and fall accidents in foodservice locations such as restaurants are all too common. In fact, according to the National Floor Safety Institute, slip and fall accidents are the number one cause of injury in the hospitality industry.

restaurant imageAdditionally, there are a few more things foodservice operators should know about slip and fall accidents:
• Most of these accidents happen in the back of the house. While accidents do occur in the front of the house, invariably it's the people working in the service and kitchen areas that are most likely to get injured.

• A 2017 Liberty Mutual Workplace Safety Index study reports that slip and fall accidents in the workplace cost U.S. employers more than $18 billion annually; while the study did not indicate how much this costs the foodservice industry specifically, it is believed the amount is very high.

• In the foodservice industry, workers' compensation claims due to a slip and fall accident typically average about $50,000 per incident.
• Defending against a slip and fall claim in a food service location also averages about $50,000.

We should add that when someone is injured in a slip and fall accident, invariably it means business owners and managers need to have workers "double up," handling the duties of that worker until they come back to work, or a new person is hired.

So what options do foodservice operators have to help reduce the amount of slip and fall accidents that occur in their facilities along with their related costs?

One of the most effective ways is to install high-performance matting systems. These are mats purchased from a distributor or directly from a manufacturer. Rental mats are just not up to the job and often lack the specialized characteristics of a high-performance matting system that can help prevent a slip and fall accident.
The next thing we need to know is where to install them.

There are three "matting zones” in most food service locations where mats should be installed:

Entrances. While high-performance mats should always be installed at the main entrances of a foodservice location to help prevent moisture, soil, and grit from being "walked in," it is the side and back entrances that can be even more important when it comes to preventing a slip and fall accident. These entrances often collect grease, oil, and moisture. If these contaminants attach to shoe bottoms, the chances of a slip and fall accident can increase significantly. An effective, high-performance matting system that includes Crown Matting Technologies a Marathon™ mat, can catch and trap these contaminants, helping to prevent an accident.

Transitional areas. Most restaurants have a service or transitional area right outside the kitchen and before the dining room. Once again, grease, oil, and moisture can collect in these areas. Plus, spills of food and liquid frequently occur in transitional areas as well. High-performance mats such as Safewalk™ should be installed here to help catch and trap these contaminants and prevent them from collecting on shoe bottoms. This can help prevent a slip and fall accident and promote overall worker safety. Additionally, if these transitional areas are carpeted, installing a high-performance mat will protect the carpet, helping to reduce cleaning costs.

Kitchen. It can be tough to keep a commercial kitchen floor clean and dry while it is being used. This is why Crown has introduced Safe-Flow Plus™ as a heavy-duty solution that allow spills and food particles to fall beneath the work areas in the kitchen, preventing the surface from becoming slippery. Further, because kitchen workers typically put in long hours standing, Para-Mount has been developed for commercial kitchens that help reduce pain and fatigue, enhance worker productivity and promote safety

For more information on ways to keep restaurants and food service facilities clean, safe, and healthy, contact Crown Matting Specialists at 800-628-5463 or send us an email.

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