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Ohio Safety Congress Expo - Product Spotlight

Wear-Bond Comfort-King

Wear-Bond Comfort-King made with our patented Zedlan Foam provides outstanding comfort, safety and durability! Wear-Bond Deck-Plate top with Zedlan anti-fatigue foam reduces fatigue for those working in a standing position by providing a balance of softness and support.

  • Highly energized Zedlan sponge combines softness, resilience and durability for exceptional relief
  • Exclusive fusion technology permanently bonds 2 surfaces without the use of glues or adhesives
  • 50% greater puncture resistance and five times the abrasion resistance than traditional sponge productsCrown_560_Wear-BondComfort_KingDiamond_Blk-Yellow_12x12_product_display_300px-1
Wear-Bond Comfort-King Anti-fatigue mat that is unique to Crown Matting Technology. This is a hybrid product between traditional foam and standard deck-plate (PVC). The construction utilizes a high-density PVC top surface with our patented Zedlan foam base. The Zedlan foam outwears other foam products 3-to-1 in an independent tabor abrasion test, which makes it more resilient than foam but a softer surface than deck-plate. No separation will occur due to the permanently bonding technique used to secure the two surfaces together without the use of glue or other adhesives.

Our expert staff looks forward to discussing this and other matting solutions that will improve productivity and reduce workers comp claims at the OSC Expo virtual event held March 10-11, 2021.

For more information on how mats can improve floor safety, contact a Crown Matting Technologies specialist. 

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