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The Mat Finder

The Mat you can 'Rely-On'

Rely-On Olefin is the economical choice for a light traffic wiper matting solution. This mat is designed to retain up to a gallon of water per square foot and traps dust particles allowing fewer contaminants to enter the building. This matting solution is ideal for buildings that expect to see 250 or fewer people per day walking over the mats.

Wiper mats are necessary for helping keep floors clean and dry, preventing potential slip incidences relative to wet floors. The vinyl backing is a moisture barrier that assists in protecting floors from ice melt or other chemicals that can be brought in through foot traffic—increasing your ROI of the mat by eliminating floor finish deterioration. The mat has a low profile of 3/8” that allows for lower door clearance.

Rely-On Olefin is manufactured in eight colors: black, charcoal, castellan red, evergreen, navy blue, marlin blue, walnut, and pebble brown; providing you with a variety of colors that will coordinate with the building’s décor. The vibrant color options resist fading, staining, and the growth of mold and mildew promoting longevity of the matting investment.


Rely-On Olefin is a popular matting solution for schools. Not only is this solution an affordable option, but the mat’s ability to perform while also having an array of color choices gives this mat the edge to work in many school building areas—in the office, drinking fountain, cafeteria, side doors, classrooms, and hallways. A properly fitted matting solution can also eliminate the contaminants in the air reducing dust particles which would enhance the effects of asthma-related symptoms.

In general, mats “provide passive cleaning or source capture, [and] the more matting, the better,” according to Allen Rathey, president of the Healthy Facilities Institute. “Mats remove particles [e.g.,] outdoor pesticides, allergens, and heavy metals) from shoes before dust can enter the building and become airborne.”

The Rely-On will give schools and facilities an additional line of defense against dirt and moisture while preventing slips and falls in wet areas or during seasons of inclement weather.

Image Matting

Rely-On Olefin is a popular matting solution to add a logo or a message onto. The Rely-Olefin mat coupled with the flocking process is proven to enhance brand awareness while remaining at a cost-effective price. This mat is suggested for your light traffic areas where you would want to show off your brand. Making this mat a great option for schools, to add school cheer to hallways and side doors, or in-office locations.

The flocked Rely-On Olefin mat provides a great option for small businesses and boutiques to have their logo or business name on display at the door to wipe customers' feet before exploring your shop. Flocked imprint mats are designed to be slightly raised due to their electrostatically charged nylon fiber that bonds to the mat's surface with an adhesive – providing minimal scraping function along with the wiping functionality of the Rely-On Olefin to keep your entrances clean.

Other substitutes

If you’re looking for other similar options, we also have the Sani-walk, Eco-Step, and Terra Nova these matting options are all light traffic wiper mats. For a medium traffic application that would see anywhere from 250 to 1,500 people a day, the Wonder-Pro, Needle Pin, and Walk-A-Way are great options. Crown Matting Technologies heavy traffic matting options for applications that expect over 1,500 people to walk over the mats each day, the Grounds-Keeper and Oxford matting solutions are perfect. These mats are differentiated by the absorbency properties they are manufactured with coupled with the traffic volume that will be present in the building daily.

The wiper mats that are listed above are the 3rd step in our 3-Mat system. According to the ISSA 15 feet of matting will eliminate 80-90% of the dirt that is tracked in from the outdoors. we recognize this and recommend the 3-Mat system to achieve a more sophisticated approach to eliminating dirt at the front door. The 3-Mat system should be at least 15 feet in length and should contain the following mats respectively:

  1. Scraper Mat: The function of the scraper mat is to scrape mud, dirt, and large particles from the bottom of the shoes—preventing debris from entering the building. This mat should be placed outside or directly inside of the entrance doors.
  2. Scraper/Wiper Mat: The purpose of this type of mat is to not only scrape the debris that may have been left behind from the scraper mat but to also wipe away moisture and fine dust particles. A scraper/wiper mat is also a good solution when the entrance is too small for a multiple matting system—this is because it will perform both the scraping and the wiping function.
  3. Wiper Mat: The wiper mat’s function is to wipe away the fine dust particles and moisture from the shoe. The wiper captures the dirt by trapping it below the surface of the mat, stopping the spread of dust and moisture onto the floors. This mat has also been proven to enhance the air quality by capturing the dust particles rather than releasing them into the air.

Contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application. Or try the mat finder—our interactive tool that will assist you in the process to determine the best matting options to meet your requirements!

The Mat Finder

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