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A Mat for a Door is Mat-A-Dor

Crown Matting Technologies Mat-A-Dor is one of our most durable heavy-traffic scraper mats. The mat is made up of an SBR Rubber that is naturally resistant to common acids, alkalis, and salt ––– reducing the degradation of the mat. The mat is so durable that it remains flexible even in cold temperatures or climates. Mat-A-Dor’s top surface is fingertips which form the scraping ability of the mat, in fact, it contains 50% more fingers than standard fingertip mats, increasing the efficiency of its scraping ability.

The mat has a beveled edge that creates a reservoir that can be used as a vessel for disinfectant solutions or to hold dirt debris and moisture that comes off shoes when scraped against the mat. The beveled edge makes the Mat-A-Dor a great option during the winter months as it will hold up against salts and ice melts the cold temperatures, and will retain the snow and ice that melts on the mat preventing water from soaking onto the floors causing slip hazards. Mat-A-Dor is commonly used outside a doorway or just inside the vestibule of a facility. You may see this scraper at schools and universities, retail stores and shopping malls, airports, and hospitals.

The 3-Mat System

The 3 mat system is the standard system used in entry matting, it’s made up of three zones containing three types of matting–– a scraper, a scraper/wiper, and a wiper. When choosing mats for your building, we highly suggest that you have a 3-mat system in place for the most effective matting system. This includes 15-18 feet of matting for any entryway. According to the ISSA 15 feet of matting will eliminate 80-90% of the dirt that is tracked in from the outdoors. We recognize this and recommend the 3-Mat system to achieve a more sophisticated approach to eliminating dirt at the front door. The 3-Mat system should be at least 15 feet in length and should contain the following mats respectively:

  1. Scraper Mat- Scrapes dirt and debris from shoes, and should be placed outside a door or directly inside the entrance doors.
  2. Scraper/wiper- Scrapes dirt and debris while also wiping fine dust particles and moisture from shoes. This mat is typically placed inside the door following a scraper.
  3. Wiper- Wipes shoes clean of what moisture or debris may be left. This mat is laid last and should always be placed indoors.

To learn more facts about the 3-mat system and the cost savings associated with this system, be sure to check out The Real Dirt infographic.

Crown’s Scraper Mats

Crown has a variety of scraper mats available outside of the Mat-A-Dor product. This includes rubber mats, scraping fiber mats, and spaghetti-styled mats.


Rubber Mats:

Fiber Mats:

Spaghetti Mats:

Door Clearance

Door clearance is an important aspect of matting to consider before purchasing the product. Door clearance is the amount of space between the bottom of the door to the ground. If a mat is too thick and placed where the door swings open the mat may prevent the door from opening. When the mat just barely passes and brushes the mat with time you will begin to see a wear pattern on the mat's surface. With a fingertip mat like the Mat-A-Dor, this can cause the mat to lose fingers more easily causing it to wear faster and causing you to buy a new mat sooner than if the mat was properly prepared for.

How to measure door clearance:


Measure from the floor to the bottom edge of an open door

  1. Measure closest to the hinge
  2. Measure in the middle of the door
  3. Measure closest to the latch side of the door

Measuring at different points in a door help improve the accuracy of the door’s overall clearance. Measuring the door while open ensures that even if the ground surface isn’t level that you have clearance throughout the full swing of the door.

Mat-A-Dor measures 5/8” thick. For the door to clear the mat it would need the space between the ground and door to be greater than 5/8”.

Doors to Measure:

  1. Exterior Doors
  2. Foyer Doors
  4. Entrance Doors
  5. Interior Door
    a. Carpet
    b. Hard Surface

Measuring for door clearance is a necessary step in the mat-buying process and should be done for any mat being placed by a door.

Contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application. Or try the mat finder—our interactive tool that will assist you in the process to determine the best matting options to meet your requirements!

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