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The Mat Finder

Be the King of Comfort

Be the king of comfort with our Comfort-King dry area anti-fatigue mat made with our patented Zedlan foam. Comfort-King and all Zedlan foam mats Crown offers are made with an anti-microbial agent to help prevent mold, mildew, and bacterial growth. Our Zedlan foam is three times more resilient than standard anti-fatigue mats providing premium anti-fatigue relief that relieves stress on knees, feet, ankle joints, and pressure points resulting from standing for long periods. This intelligent foam solution increases worker productivity and motivation while reducing the risk of injury.

The anti-microbial additives make this mat an option for medical facilities such as hospitals, dentists, doctor offices, veterinarians, medical supply production facilities, and more. This mat is an option for production facilities where contamination is a concern, including places like meat and food processing plants, food packaging manufacturers, and facilities where consumable goods may be made or processed. Comfort-King’s anti-microbial feature allows peace of mind knowing that this mat will help prevent the spread of molds, mildew, or bacteria by preventing these micro-organisms from growing on or under the matting.

Brief History

Zedlan was first created in 1999 by Ed Brodeur and Louann Politano. Zedlan, named after Ed and Louann, received its name by taking parts of their name "Ed" and "Lan" and adding a "Z" to make ‘edlan’ a more memorable name. Zedlan was created by accident but quickly turned into a happy accident. The new creation was high quality and held higher anti-fatigue abilities than the standard available anti-fatigue mats. Now, Comfort-King is made intentionally as a high-quality product and continues to meet those standards today. Zedlan foam mats are three times more responsive than any other anti-fatigue foam mat in the industry, being made with less air and more plastic increases the product's density. Zedlan Mats are versatile and offered in many different industries, ranging from options in industrial settings to high-tech settings and janitorial and sanitation.

In the industrial setting, we recommend these in dry areas, such as workstations, assembly stations, and other locations where prolonged standing occurs. In the high-tech setting, Crown Matting offers Comfort-King Anti-Static mats. These are for high voltage areas or places where electrostatic may be a concern around electronic components that can easily damage from static electricity, such as in offices or electronic testing stations in laboratories. In the janitorial and sanitation industry, these anti-fatigue mats are best for cashiers, pharmacies, hospitals, care facilities, restaurant kitchens, and food preparation areas.

Zedlan matting is made with our signature blue foam and is available in black, steel gray, and black and yellow. Thickness is available in either 3/8” or 1/2”; standard sizing is 2’x3’, 3’x5’, 3’x12’; roll sizes available in 2’x60’, 3’x60’, 4’x60’, 5’x 60’ with customization available.

Zedlan Products

Alleviator                                                     Alleviator II                                

Comfort- King                                           Comfort-King Anti-Static                                               

Embossed Anti-fatigue mat                 Wear-Bond Comfort-King          

Workers-Delight Corrugated                Rubber Workers-Delight Deck Plate     

Workers-Delight Foodmaster               Workers-Delight Slate                  

Workers-Delight Spark-Safe                  Workers-Delight Spiffy Vinyl

Zedlan Infographic (1)

Anti-Fatigue Facts Matter

Comfort in the workplace is crucial for employee retention and to help lesson call-offs and worker's compensation claims due to injury from standing for long periods. In fact, more than 130 billion dollars a year in productivity lost in the U.S. are due to health-related fatigue costs. A typical company, in the U.S., with 1,000 employees can expect to lose more than one million each year due to fatigue. Businesses with shift workers typically in a factory setting are at the highest risk for fatigue-related injuries making up about 15% of full-time employees in the U.S.

Having anti-fatigue matting solutions like Crown's Comfort-King anti-fatigue mat can significantly help save your company money lost to fatigue. Finding the best matting solution can take time and research. The Mat Finder can find your matting solution in five minutes or less by answering five questions. For more help and information, contact our educated sales staff to discuss your matting options to determine which matting solution will be best for your application.

The Mat Finder


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