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Crown Matting Manufacturers Mats for Every Area of a Facility

One of the most impactful things to ever happen to the matting industry is LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Several years ago, LEED recognized that mats keep facilities cleaner and healthier. Because of this, having high-quality mats installed at all building entries is now required for LEED certification. Read More ▸

Questions to Ask Before Selecting a New Matting System

Some building managers and cleaning professionals believe all matting is essentially the same. While this may be true for rental mats, when it comes to high-performance matting systems, there are many types of mats. Selecting the right mat for the right purpose, therefore, can be confusing. Read More ▸

Floor Mats are Not Just for Entries Any More

Many facility managers consider installing floor mats only at building entries. While it is true that all commercial facilities, such as offices and office buildings, should have as much as 15-feet of matting installed at all entrances, there are many other locations in the facility where mats should be installed as well. Read More ▸

How to protect your floors during the winter months

The winter months may be the toughest time of the year for hard surface floors. Winter is typically when we have the most rain, snow, and ice buildup. This is also the time of the year ice melt and other salt-based products are used to keep walkways and entries safer for foot traffic. Read More ▸

Getting a Grip on Industrial Floor Safety

In today’s industrial setting, safety managers are continually challenged to gather and review comprehensive safety audits for their facility. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) deemed that employees who stand for prolonged periods of time are subjected to potential musculoskeletal issues. With the addition of those issues, safety professionals will also need to avoid potential physical hazards such as trips, slips, and falls. Read More ▸

Taking a "Systems Approach" to Grocery Store Floor Mats

Grocery stores have unique needs, unlike most types of retail and commercial settings. Further, whereas most people sit down when they go to work, in grocery stores, it's just the opposite. Most store employees are on their feet their entire shift. This also means that grocery stores have unique needs when it comes to floor mats. They need a “systems approach” to floor matting. This will help keep the store clean and healthy, but also help prevent slips and falls, and reduce worker fatigue. Read More ▸

Are We in a 'Stand Up' Revolution?

Standing desks are being hailed as an ergonomically-friendly alternative to the traditional office desk. However, many people view them as something recently introduced. That is not the case. The first standing desks were found in some UK school classrooms as far back as 1899. Teachers believed they improved school hygiene and that students paid more attention when standing. Read More ▸