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The Cleaning Machine

Crown Matting Technologies’ Commercial Clean Machine is our heaviest-duty scraper mat designed for high-trafficked areas. The mat is manufactured with a unique surface designed for years of vigorous scraping capabilities—outperforming traditional scraper mats by four times. Read More ▸

The Best-In-Class Industrial Anti-fatigue Solution – Industrial Deck Plate

Number one in the industry, Industrial Deck Plate is a long-lasting ergonomic mat designed for industrial workstations. The anti-fatigue solution is suited for areas that are exposed to oil and chemicals. The Industrial Deck Plate mat is manufactured with our direct pour method and our exclusive fusion technology. This exclusive technology enables the vinyl deck plate surface to fuse with our industrial PVC foam backing, this manufacturing efficiency allows the bottom and top surface to fuse together and solidify for a firm and sturdy mat that will not separate. Read More ▸

Oxford the Elite

The Oxford Elite mat is a heavy traffic scraper/wiper mat. This mat combines the scraping technology of our premium Jasper mat combined with the wiping abilities of the Oxford mat allowing the design to fit in our 3-mat system of Jasper, Oxford Elite, and Dust-Star, with its scraper/wiper design components. Read More ▸

The Toughness of Tuff-Spun

In 1963 Ludlow Composites Corp. (Crown Matting Technologies parent company) became the pioneer for vinyl-backed mats, when we patented the technology. Making way to one of our first anti-fatigue mats, Tuff-Spun. Read More ▸

Introducing Spaghetti Image

We are excited to introduce our newest product—the Spaghetti Image mat. Combining the traditional Spaghetti mat abilities of water absorption and scraper functionality with the eye-catching qualities of an image mat. This outdoor mat will bring life to your brand as well as protect your floors from the outside elements. Read More ▸

The History of Mats

Mat \ˈmat\: a piece of coarse, woven, plaited, or felted fabric used especially as a floor covering or support (Merriam-webster). Read More ▸

The Matting Dilemma

The matting dilemma that many building managers are faced with is whether to buy or rent their mats. Out of convenience, many building managers decide to rent their floor mats from rental distribution companies. This puts our customers at risk of losing business opportunities. Read More ▸

The Diamond Program

On May 1, 2021 Crown Matting Technologies released the Diamond program. This elective program offers exclusive benefits to the members. The program was created to eliminate the headaches of freight quotes and offer prices for products delivered. Read More ▸

The Many Benefits of Nitrile Rubber Backing on Floor Mats

For building owners and managers considering the purchase of high-performing matting systems, two words they likely will run into frequently are nitrile and rubber. Due to the importance of nitrile rubber when it comes to selecting an effective matting system here is everything you need to know: Read More ▸