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Getting a Grip on Industrial Floor Safety

In today’s industrial setting, safety managers are continually challenged to gather and review comprehensive safety audits for their facility. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) deemed that employees who stand for prolonged periods of time are subjected to potential musculoskeletal issues. With the addition of those issues, safety professionals will also need to avoid potential physical hazards such as trips, slips, and falls. Read More ▸

Taking a "Systems Approach" to Grocery Store Floor Mats

Grocery stores have unique needs, unlike most types of retail and commercial settings. Further, whereas most people sit down when they go to work, in grocery stores, it's just the opposite. Most store employees are on their feet their entire shift. This also means that grocery stores have unique needs when it comes to floor mats. They need a “systems approach” to floor matting. This will help keep the store clean and healthy, but also help prevent slips and falls, and reduce worker fatigue. Read More ▸

Are We in a 'Stand Up' Revolution?

Standing desks are being hailed as an ergonomically-friendly alternative to the traditional office desk. However, many people view them as something recently introduced. That is not the case. The first standing desks were found in some UK school classrooms as far back as 1899. Teachers believed they improved school hygiene and that students paid more attention when standing. Read More ▸

How Mats Create Less Static in the Workplace

Static electricity is more than a nuisance. When electronics or combustibles are involved, it can result in serious problems. Not only can a buildup of static cause a person to feel a sudden charge when it is released, but because virtually every electronic item we use has some computer system on board, the static could damage chips and circuit boards, and worse, erase the information stored on the device. In fact, estimates now claim that as much as 80 percent of computer/electronic failure is the result of static electricity. Read More ▸

Busy Facilities Need the Most Effective Matting Systems Available

According to Statista, a research organization, there are more than 5,100 public airports in the U.S. As of 2017, the five busiest in the country – Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta, Los Angeles International, O'Hare International, Dallas/Fort Worth International, and Denver International - are used by more than 16 million people every year. Read More ▸

Ask Us How We Can Help Your Sales Grow!

A Crown Matting Technologies Success Story In February of 2019, Joshua Prieur (JP) received a call from a Manufacturing Plant Shipping/Warehouse Manager. He needed durable anti-fatigue mats for his company because employees were standing long hours. The manager contacted Crown Matting Technologies directly because he required a customized solution to fit the work environment. JP identified that the matting solution to best fit his needs would be the #550 Workers Delight™ Deck Plate because it is backed with Zedlan™ foam – that offers premium comfort and ergonomic support. This product could also be seamed up to 12’ wide which was another opportunity for Crown Matting as this customer wanted very specific dimensions. Read More ▸

Keeping Industrial Workers Safe

In industrial locations, runner mats are often installed in work areas and these are required to have a bright yellow border. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) makes this compulsory, and it is designed to remind building users to take caution when walking through the facility. There may be physical hazards present that could cause someone to fall, stumble, or trip. Read More ▸