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Protect Your Assets with the NEW Command Shield!

Crown Matting Technologies is excited to introduce our newest product the Command Shield! The Command Shield is a low-profile mat with a highly absorbent top surface, layered with a thin moisture barrier and an adhesive backing that allows the mat to be adhered to the floor’s surface, preventing shifting, or ruffling of the mat. The low-profile design allows easy use of carts, pallet jacks, and wheelchairs to easily roll right over without any difficulty or mat movement. Command Shield is ADA Compliant and NFSI-certified for high traction. Read More ▸

The Mat you can 'Rely-On'

Rely-On Olefin is the economical choice for a light traffic wiper matting solution. This mat is designed to retain up to a gallon of water per square foot and traps dust particles allowing fewer contaminants to enter the building. This matting solution is ideal for buildings that expect to see 250 or fewer people per day walking over the mats. Read More ▸

Oxford the Elite

The Oxford Elite mat is a heavy traffic scraper/wiper mat. This mat combines the scraping technology of our premium Jasper mat combined with the wiping abilities of the Oxford mat allowing the design to fit in our 3-mat system of Jasper, Oxford Elite, and Dust-Star, with its scraper/wiper design components. Read More ▸