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The Cleaning Machine

Crown Matting Technologies’ Commercial Clean Machine is our heaviest-duty scraper mat designed for high-trafficked areas. The mat is manufactured with a unique surface designed for years of vigorous scraping capabilities—outperforming traditional scraper mats by four times. Read More ▸

Oxford the Elite

The Oxford Elite mat is a heavy traffic scraper/wiper mat. This mat combines the scraping technology of our premium Jasper mat combined with the wiping abilities of the Oxford mat allowing the design to fit in our 3-mat system of Jasper, Oxford Elite, and Dust-Star, with its scraper/wiper design components. Read More ▸

Introducing Spaghetti Image

We are excited to introduce our newest product—the Spaghetti Image mat. Combining the traditional Spaghetti mat abilities of water absorption and scraper functionality with the eye-catching qualities of an image mat. This outdoor mat will bring life to your brand as well as protect your floors from the outside elements. Read More ▸

The Matting Dilemma

The matting dilemma that many building managers are faced with is whether to buy or rent their mats. Out of convenience, many building managers decide to rent their floor mats from rental distribution companies. This puts our customers at risk of losing business opportunities. Read More ▸

Entry Mats have a  proven ROI for Building Managers

According to ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, entry mats can provide a positive ROI to building managers. Entry mats are necessary to keep buildings clean of dirt and moisture. However, these items should be considered an investment rather than just a necessary commodity. Read More ▸

Promote Safety with the Right Mat

Floor mats are an essential part of a facility safety program. When selected correctly, they can help keep outdoor moisture and soils from being tracked onto indoor floors, potentially causing slip, trip and fall accidents. Read More ▸

Mats with a Message

One of the services Crown offers its customers is to design and then manufacture what are called image mats. These are typically found at the entrances of hotels, office buildings, restaurants, retail locations, schools and universities, inside and outside grocery stores, even industrial facilities. Now, more than ever they are being used for social distancing. Read More ▸

Proper Floor Matting is an Investment in Health and Safety

Most of us have heard of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. Created by the US Green Building Council, it was initially designed to help building owners better understand what is necessary to make their facilities healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Read More ▸

Do You Know Your Hotel's "Matting Zones"

Hotel properties are complex facilities. They include guest rooms, lobbies, food service areas, bars, sometimes ballrooms, and public and private meeting areas, to name just a few. Because of this, hotels typically need different types of mats to help protect the health of the facility and keep guests and hotel users safe. Read More ▸