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Protect Your Assets with the NEW Command Shield!

Crown Matting Technologies is excited to introduce our newest product the Command Shield! The Command Shield is a low-profile mat with a highly absorbent top surface, layered with a thin moisture barrier and an adhesive backing that allows the mat to be adhered to the floor’s surface, preventing shifting, or ruffling of the mat. The low-profile design allows easy use of carts, pallet jacks, and wheelchairs to easily roll right over without any difficulty or mat movement. Command Shield is ADA Compliant and NFSI-certified for high traction. Read More ▸

The Mat you can 'Rely-On'

Rely-On Olefin is the economical choice for a light traffic wiper matting solution. This mat is designed to retain up to a gallon of water per square foot and traps dust particles allowing fewer contaminants to enter the building. This matting solution is ideal for buildings that expect to see 250 or fewer people per day walking over the mats. Read More ▸

The Matting Dilemma

The matting dilemma that many building managers are faced with is whether to buy or rent their mats. Out of convenience, many building managers decide to rent their floor mats from rental distribution companies. This puts our customers at risk of losing business opportunities. Read More ▸

Entry Mats have a  proven ROI for Building Managers

According to ISSA, the leading trade association for the cleaning industry worldwide, entry mats can provide a positive ROI to building managers. Entry mats are necessary to keep buildings clean of dirt and moisture. However, these items should be considered an investment rather than just a necessary commodity. Read More ▸

Promote Safety with the Right Mat

Floor mats are an essential part of a facility safety program.  When selected correctly, they can help keep outdoor moisture and soils from being tracked onto indoor floors, potentially causing slip, trip and fall accidents. Read More ▸

Proper Floor Matting is an Investment in Health and Safety

Most of us have heard of LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification. Created by the US Green Building Council, it was initially designed to help building owners better understand what is necessary to make their facilities healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly. Read More ▸